NYC Regionals SkillsUSA Competition

On March 30, 2019 the Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical High School’s SkillsUSA Chapter took a total of 54 students to compete in the City Regional Competition. Our students competed in competitions pertaining to both leadership and their trade fields where they were put to the test on their abilities to portray their inner leadership traits and if applicable, their trade field capabilities.

Not only was this competition a chance for the SkillsUSA members residing within the region to test their newly developed skills in a friendly competition, but it also served as a practice round for the NYS SkillsUSA Competition, a much more prestigious competition.

Through hard work and dedication, we can proudly announce that 35 of our competitors walked out of Lincoln Technical Institute carrying a metal around their neck. Holding the first place metal in the regional competitions for Electrical Construction Wiring is Kemuel Mangru, for Extemporaneous Speaking is Saudia Rasheed, for Information Technology Services is Davendra Seecharran, for Internetworking is Edwin Calle, for prepared speech is Alina Palacios, and for Related Technical Math is Abrar Imon. All of these first place medal holders are members of our skills chapter here at Edison.

Our second place medal winners include, Daniel Bhopaul for Architectural Drafting, Yoganand Jhagroo for Automotive Service Technology, Brian Cheung for Internetworking, Jonathan Bueno for Auto Vehicle Maintenance Basic, Aamira Alladeen, Jonathan Seegobin and Harmeet Minhas for Community Service, Chowdhury Fahad for Information Technology Services, Michelle Hernandez, Nathalia Lampkin, Anika Pohani and Leoanalyz Zavala for Entreprenurship.

As for our grand third place medalist, Brian Dimmano placed in Architectural Drafting, Troy Jones placed in Auto Vehicle Maintenance Basic, Jordy Castro placed in Automotive Service Technology, Easha Ahamed, Jane Basdeo, Jaelyn Bove-domenech, Amy Lall, Leanna Ram, Christina Samaroo, and Jennifer Singh placed in Opening and Closing, Kamara Gopeesingh placed in Packaging Design IEP, Season Chowdhury placed in Technical Computer Applications and Maruf Islam, Mahdi Khan, Mohammed Parvez, and MD Fazle Rabbi placed, Raul Chakraborty in Quiz Bowl. 

As a chapter, it’s safe to say that our members lived up to their personal motto that it takes skills to make a champion. After a long duration or hours after school specifically set aside for practice and all the material preparation, our members made us very proud. This level of achievement couldn’t have been accomplished without the assistance of the CTE teachers here at our school and our chapters SkillsUSA advisors Jessie Kalloo and Barry Roopnaraine.

Harmeet Minhas

Hello! My name is Harmeet Minhas and I write for the food section for The Edison Light. I chose to write for the food section due to food being something that can bring people together and play important roles in people’s cultures. I have been vegan for over six years and this gives me an excuse to try new restaurants that cater to those who partake in plant-based diets. Besides writing, my hobbies consist of dancing, cheerleading, and going to concerts!