Mortified Moments in a Classroom

Whether it be passing gas, tripping down the stairs, or proudly saying the wrong answer in front of the class, we’ve all blushed in embarrassment when it’s happened to us. Throughout all the school days you’ve had, there’s bound to be many embarrassing moments not only to you but, teachers, and other staff have had in school. It can vary between the quiet classroom, crowded hallways, or the bathroom.

In high school, an embarrassing moment could affect you a lot. You are constantly surrounded by people you know. So, once one thing happens, not only does the person who saw it know, but everyone else they know, knows. Word travels fast, and now that we’re in an advanced technology era, it could be spread and get you recognized instantly. One thing to always remember is that people tend to forget about it, but we all linger onto that particular moment for a long time.  

A student, Mikaila Tomlinson shares one of her embarrassing moments that’s happened to her in class. In this class, each student was to go in front of the classroom and label the 50 states on the SmartBoard from memory. Tomlinson’s nerves got the best of her. As she was standing in front of the classroom, her legs begin to shake out of nervousness. She seemed to notice but what made everyone get her attention was when someone in her class said, “Look her legs are shaking.”    

Teachers so have their moments as well. It could be either while their teaching or have had an embarrassing moment when they were students themselves. A teacher could have just as much an influence in a classroom setting than a student. For a majority of the time a teacher is alone so if they were to trip or have stained their shirt, all 24-30 kids in that classroom would have witnessed it. Same rule applies when it comes to word spreading like wildfire. By the time the teacher’s next class comes, they would have already heard about an incident.

However, teachers were once students as well. Teachers make mistake too and have had enough lessons learnt. They had their own embarrassing moments as students as well.

History teacher, Mr.Heavey shares one embarrassing moment he’s had when he was in high school. He was skipping his lunch period and had ended up finding his friend who was skipping as well. They both found themselves caught by their dean who ended up yelling at them in front of other friends. “It was very embarrassing and I never did it again,” said Mr. Heavey. When asked how did he recover from this, he said, “I didn’t.”

No matter how much people may forget your dreadful moments, you seem to remember those moments as you get older. You can look back at it and laugh, hopefully learning something from it too. Unfortunately, you would experience even more embarrassing moments as you get older. It would be bad, but try not to dwell on the laughter it may bring to other people, but to laugh with them to save yourselves the embarrassing moment.