Juuls May Just Disappear into the Mist

The new, flash-drive looking e-cigarette has been all the rage amid teenagers. Consequently, due to backlash from the general public and government pressures, Juul will be banning specific flavors in retail stores and also be cracking down on age verification during purchasing.

Having been just two years on the market, Juul has grown to become increasingly popular among young adults, so popular that it has taken over more than half of the e-cigarette market industry.  However, e-cigarettes may be putting our generation at risk of becoming heavily dependent on nicotine, that will eventually have long-term effects on brain development of those who use it. The new vaping trend has led to a major health issue: nicotine addiction for teens who are not predisposed to smoking. According to CDC government data, it has been estimated that three million middle school and high school students have reported using e-cigarettes.

When asked Saksham Khurana, a Thomas Edison high school student he said, “Juul has become very popular all of a sudden among teens. And in my honest opinion it’s not worth it. You do it once and continuously feel the urge to do it again, due to the high concentration of nicotine present. I may be bias with my opinion but after seeing a couple of friends doing it. I’ve seen them from taking one hit to becoming addicted to it.”

Having been startled by the heightening popularity of Juul among young adults, the F.D.A gave e-cigarette manufacturers time to submit plans on how they would make the new trend of e-cigarettes out of reach for minors. The corporation based off in San Francisco, announced that they will no longer be accepting orders from retail stores. They will also strengthen age verification whether that may be for online purchases or in store to make sure that buyers are of at least twenty-one years of age.

E-cigarettes were primarily created to help smokers rid the habit of smoking cigarettes while satisfying their daily intake of nicotine but all without the harmful effects of carcinogens and tar that come with cigarettes. Despite this aim, the product’s release resulted in appealing to the youth, which will only leading to detrimental effects for them that would significantly affect them as they grow older.

Sukhman Kaur

My name is Sukhman Kaur and I write for the General News section for the Edison Light. My hobbies include cooking, dancing and traveling. I like being aware of what’s going on around me and I hope to provide you all with occurring news to keep you updated too.