John Krasinski Provides a Ray of Sunshine in a Dark Time

John Kransinski hosts SGN on youtube

Whenever we turn to the news during this pandemic, we are bombarded with so much negative news. John Krasinski, known for his role as “Jim” in The Office, decided to take it upon himself to help spread some good news. Before creating his videos, he goes on twitter and asks his fans to tweet something that made their day. He then highlights some of these tweets in his video, along with some sarcastic jokes. He has also had many celebrity guest stars in his videos like Steve Carell and his meteorologist Brad Pitt.

In his first video, he explains to us why he started SGN. “For years now, I’ve been wondering, why is there not a news show dedicated entirely to good news? Well, desperately seeking my fix somewhere else, I reached out to all of you this week, asking — nay, begging — for some good news. And boy, did you deliver. After reading those replies and the incredibly heartwarming stories that came with them, I thought, ‘All right. Enough is enough, world. Why not us? Why not now?’ So, ladies and gentleman, this is your fault, and this is SGN. I’m John Krasinski, and if it isn’t clear yet, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.”

In one episode, he had interviewed a girl named Coco and discussed her final treatment for cancer. In another, a girl named Aubrey was supposed to see the Hamiliton for her birthday, but couldn’t due to the lockdown. So John brought the show to her. He wanted to find a way to thank the doctors and nurses who are tirelessly working and are away from their families at this time. He sent the COVID team from his hometown’s hospital to the Red Socks stadium to throw the first pitch of what would have been the baseball season. John also heard that most seniors are missing out on prom. He decided to have a live prom on Youtube with Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office), Chance the Rapper, The Jonas Brothers,  Billie Eilish, and Finneas O’Connell. 

Ms. DellaBonta is one of the many people who enjoys SGN. She says she is delighted that John is “trying to help brighten others day, giving positive feedback to the health care workers, trying to support young people especially Seniors who probably will not have an opportunity to have a prom this year. I like that he features other famous individuals including sports stars, his own wife, his former cast mates from the Office. It’s truly a selfless act (and John Krasinksi is also my favorite actor!)”. She expressed, “I think he could have either longer episodes or even more frequent episodes because we really need more of these good news reports right now!”

“As a history teacher my two favorite bits were 1. the original cast of Hamilton performing for the young girl who couldn’t attend the musical and 2. because my brother is a Physician Assistant I really liked the Boston Red Sox shout out to the Covid Nurses in Boston (even though I am a Yankee fan!).”

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the current events, SGN was made to put a smile on people’s faces. Although John claims he has no idea what he’s doing, he’s brightening up the day for many. 

Ria Varghese

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