Inflation Making Civilians Have a Hard Time at the Grocery Shop! 

Inflation has caused detrimental effects on civilians worldwide but mainly in the consuming aspect of food.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “ For the year ending in April 2023, food prices increased 6.7 percent. Prices for food away from home advanced 7.6 percent, and prices for food at home rose 6.1 percent.”

This is for New York City. People all over the world are finding it challenging to go grocery shopping as a result of price inflation. Whereas before $200 would get you 4 to 5 shopping bags, it now gets you 2 to 3. Today’s civilians are attempting to plan their weekly food budget. And the prices in the grocery stores astounded them. This has led to an increase in friction between many working-class families.

I will be getting the inside scoops of civilian grocery plans and budgets from different supermarkets located near me.


72-Year-old Woman – “I just buy a few groceries a week for my husband and me but I usually spend 180 for like two bags of groceries. I don’t cook fancy meals, just the regular basic meals. Before inflation I could get 3 or 4 bags of groceries with this amount of money and several snacks, however now it is not possible, oh dear! ”

38 Year old Woman – I buy groceries once a month for my family and essential staples veggies to cook and portion them out to use so I can always have something in my fridge, I try to buy things on sale or like apples 2 for $5, as I know my money can actually be giving me a good diet within my budget, I do think Inflation has made me more pickier on my grocery list. I spend about $280 a month on groceries.” 

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25 Year Old Male- “I am a meal prep student so I spend around $75 a week on groceries. I know inflation has made the price of eggs increase which hurts my bank account but meal prepping helps me save a lot and eat healthy.”

45-Year-Old Women- “I spend like $100 a month on groceries in regular supermarkets because I bulk buy my groceries and supplies from wholesalers such as Costco and BJ’S. I am surprised by the increase in pomegranates.”


19 year old Male- “I am a broke college student, So I basically spend like $85 a month on groceries, you know the college staples ramen, canned, and pre-made food. I also am not a great cook at all, and need simple dishes. Ramen prices have increased which is sad but you know gotta be on a budget.”

50 Year old Male- “I spend about $230 a month on groceries because of the quantity of members in my family, also I browse through the groceries store to see new items it’s really fascinating to see what you will find and great to try new dishes and items, But the milk prices are definitely high and we can obviously thank inflation for that.”

As we can see, each person manages their finances and food in a unique way, and these are some insights from people of various ages. This is important because of the state of the economy, the loss of jobs, and the rise in costs that have left many people struggling continuously. Please let us know if you have any additional questions about inflation or meal plans.

Kajal Singh

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