How to Get Waves

A very popular hair trend from the 2000s is making a return as a stylish model of hair setting. Even though this trend is most popular with African-American youths, people of all racial backgrounds can get waves, but they have to be willing to work with their hair texture and keeping devoted. There are several techniques about how to get waves, but this is a general way. 1- Collect all of the necessary materials. You’ll need a brush, wave gel, and a durag.

2- Rub the gel on your head. Get just enough wave gel/pomade so that it covers up 3/4 of the tip of your index finger. You need enough to cover your entire head or the area of hair you wish to get waves. Starting from the crown and working down, begin brushing your hair. The crown is the center of your hair, so you start at the crown and brush down in each direction. The key to getting good waves is consistency and a good attitude. You have to understand that this process is not going to happen overnight. Getting waves takes week, maybe months and you have to brush for at least 30 minutes twice a day.

3- At the end of the day, wrap your durag around your head. This will help hold the waves in place. Wear your durag as much as possible to help get your waves. Follow these simple instructions in only a few months, you’ll have beautiful 360 waves.

Caption: Waves Photo Credit: Damani Chietan

Caption: Waves
Photo Credit: Damani Chietan

Damani Chietan