Hop on Board, Get on with Japan Trends

Do you ever go to the city for sightseeing and stop to eat hot ramen and then wonder where you can get the best homemade?

Japan is the simple answer! It is one of the oldest civilizations, with stunning and diverse scenery of mountains and breathtaking views. Japan offers so many different experiences that attract tourists from all corners of the world. 

Living in a diverse country, we are curious to learn more about different cultures. Our adventurous side starts to kick in; we try new foods, listen to their music, and visit famous monuments. Daily life tasks like; reading, watching videos, fashion, or going out for a walk to see the indescribably beautiful sunset influences us to explore new places.

As a sports lover, you are most likely to watch the Olympics. Influencers use the Tokyo Olympics to their advantage to promote Japan. It can compel you to travel to Japan and see the competition in person and meet people with the same interest. Our brain associates these joyous moments with Tokyo. 

Who doesn’t love sunsets? Every time we see sunsets, it draws our attention and makes us admire the pleasing colors. It draws you to a peaceful world where you feel relaxed and calm. Imagine walking down the path of Hanamiyama Park, where the blooming spring colors revolve around you. A place where you can create unforgettable memories with your loved one.

Japan is the homeland of anime. Anime has grown in popularity, and more people are gaining interest. Japan has all sorts of merchandise like mangas and cosplays of your favorite character where it is not available in all countries. After the release of Your Name, people wanted to go to Japan and ride to an abandoned bus stop. Some anime have brought fame to places you would not expect to be tourist destinations. You can experience your anime fantasy. 

Do you love beauty products? Then make sure you have plenty of space in your suitcase because Japan is the shopping heaven! Japanese beauty products are one of the most trending items to shop in Japan. Some Japanese cosmetics brands are renowned worldwide, and there are several beauty brands offering quality but affordable products. From best-selling skincare products to trendy makeup items are sold anywhere in Japan. 

The most popular food we eat that comes from Japan is ramen! Traveling to Japan, you will love to eat quality ramen with fresh meat and toppings. Sushi is famous all around the whole world. Most teens hang out with their friends to eat sushi. A snack people love to eat is Pocky. In Japan, they have a lot more variation. People who love to explore new foods are open to trying anything, and Japan has the best popular foods. 

Japan is one of the largest consumers of coffee in the world. Everywhere you go there is always a cafe shop. Japan has several theme cafes like robot restaurants, where the shows attract visitors every year. Maid cafe expresses a kawaii culture where the love of cuteness has taken Japan. It’s a place where you feel like the king or queen and imagine living in your fantasy. Japan offers Vampire Cafe, the Lookup, and many others if you are into gory and chilling themes. Especially during Halloween to enjoy gruesome and delectable dishes and drinks in a very ominous atmosphere. Animal lovers would love to go to an animal cafe where they host-specific animals such as cats, owls, guinea pigs, Shiba dogs, and snakes to cuddle with them. 

Our hobbies and daily tasks can influence us to explore new cultures and areas. Without realizing it, we could be following trends that spark our interest to travel. We can meet new people with the same interest and connect with them. So next time you go on vacation, travel to a place with the likes you do every day and have fun!

Emely Rosales

Hi, my name is Emely Rosales, and I am currently a senior at Thomas A. Edison High School. I like helping others in my community. I enjoy spending time with my birds and buying them new toys. Also, I love spending time in my bed and watching anime or reading manga. I like going out with my friends and playing volleyball.