First Dates : Important or Insignificant?

Are first dates losing their relevance or are they more prominent than ever?

As a teenager, it’s almost inevitable that some way or another, you’ll find yourself discovering the principles of dating, especially throughout high school. They’re the prime years that teens begin to experiment romantically and venture out into the field of love in hopes of finding someone that may “complete their life.” While some don’t make it to this step, others do and now it’s time for the first date; but are they really that important?

Caption : First impressions may be lasting Photo Credit : Channel 4 (British public-service television broadcaster)

Caption : First impressions may be lasting.
Photo Credit : Channel 4 (British public-service television broadcaster)

Well, the answer to that is that there really is no right or wrong answer. For the most part, this is subjective and varies from person to person. Not everyone values or judge individuals based on their first date together. In fact, people often go on second and third dates to properly get to know someone they’re interested in. Sometimes, all the hassle one goes through in order to ensure that a first date goes well isn’t worth it. Some people just genuinely want to get to know you for who you are when you put everything else to the side. Therefore, first dates may be a waste of time and you might just be better off not stressing it. However, everyone isn’t the same and others value them more.

On the opposite end of things, many believe first impressions are everything and a lot of people hold them to a high standard when considering a possible soulmate. With a first date, a lot is a stake as it can be the determining factor as to whether or not you score that second date. In this instance, this is where you have to pay close attention to the details and be very precise to make sure things go perfect. There’s nothing wrong with being very observant and detail-oriented either and it shows the person that you really care about impressing them and the date being a success.

All in all, your first date is all about what you make it. If you’re the type of person who wants it to be extravagant and more memorable, I’d say go for it. It doesn’t hurt to create plans and go through all the steps in order to create that “perfect” first date. Though it’s also a choice to just plan minimally and just go with the flow. It’s not bad also to just go to the movies as a first date and enjoy each other’s company. No matter which route you take, all that matters is that you got a second date.


Devonte Rowe

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