First Dates: How It Could All Go Wrong

We all know that first dates can be nerve-racking. Seeing our crush right in front of our faces can leave us speechless. The feelings of excitement, panic, confusion, and fear flow through our veins all at once. This often leads to the “bombing of the first date” or “the first date disasters” that everyone fears. Here are some common mistakes that people make.

Nervousness. Out of all interviews the top contributor to first date disasters were nervousness. Nervousness also known as anxiety can be normal in stressful situations. But, it can also increase in situations that are intense and cause severe tension on a person. According to my interview, with a freshman at Thomas Edison HS,

“Nervousness can be a hassle to deal with on a first date because it always prevents you from making the first move”

Fear was the second blockade on the list. Fear is the main ingredient when it comes to anxiety disorders, emotional distress, and excessive worry. When it comes to dating, fear can influence a partner’s will to making terrible decisions. In my interview, with a small group of students, I was told that

“Fear has had me so paralyzed that all I could do was stare and creep my date out.” “When I was on my first date the amount of fear I was experiencing was deadly.”


To get over these first date jitters, here are a few tips.

Tip#1 is to listen to some feel-good music to rid yourself of the negative energy and put you in a healthy mindset.

Tip #2 is to just take deep breaths and be the unique/amazing person that he/she fell for. If you try to become someone you’re not that is when the nervousness/fear can kick in and ruin the first date experience.

Do not let nervousness and fear control you!!! Take control of your emotions and give your partner the best time of their lives.

Chanell Dudley

My name is Chanell and I write for the sports section in the school’s online newspaper. I chose this section because I find pleasure in spectating games and giving my readers a chance to visualize what’s happening. My favorite sports to watch is basketball, volleyball and football. My favorite sports team is Chicago Bears, Golden State Warriors, and Boston Celtics.