First Dates – Do They Actually Work?

In the 21st Century, society has accepted “First Dates” –  the way many people try to start or extend a relationship, usually friendship with a romantic partner for short or long term. Although it has been used and accepted for many decades, the question arises: Do first dates actually work?

First dates is a popular topic, especially among teenagers and young adults. As the first generally accepted age group that starts dating and romantic relationships, many teens have experience with first dates themselves. Tariq DeGazon, a Senior at Edison, said,“First dates are a great way to learn more about your future partner. Although they are nerve-racking, first dates give you a complete overview of a person and their character in a short time.”

However, over the past few years, data has shown that the number of divorces all over the world has greatly increased since the 20th Century (Patrick Scott, Dating came about in the late 19th Century – thus alluding to the fact that first dates have created a society with more problems and issues in relationships that eventually lead to divorce. “First dates don’t show the real image of the person, rather focusing on the looks and visible characteristics of a person. This could be the reason why divorces have gone up in the last few decades – people think that the way people act on their first date showcases what they are really like,” said Jaspreet Singh, a Senior.

Caption: First dates have the potential to create a long lasting relationship with someone.  Photo Credit: Lucia Lin

Caption: First dates have the potential to create a long lasting relationship with someone.
Photo Credit: Lucia Lin

On the other hand, some argue that first dates create a better relationship between partners because they have had experience with one another already, as opposed to the other method, arranged marriages, which have no sort of interaction with the other spouse.

“You need to have a background with someone in order to have a close relationship with them. First dates achieve that by helping both parties know more about each other,” said Kayanat Mehzabin, a Senior.

Furthermore, as technology advances, new ways have come about promoting first dates, such as apps like Tinder, Hot or Not, eHarmony and others. These applications have increased the exposure to first dates to many in the 21st Century, and although these methods ease the dating process, they do have their dangers.

“Dating apps are great for people that are anti-social; people that don’t really interact with others. However, you don’t really know who you’re meeting up with on a first date on these platforms – people could be spoofing as someone else, or might be trying to cause you harm. It’s like social networking, but in real life,” DeGazon says.

Nonetheless, first dates have become quite prominent over the past few decades and, for many, the sole way to have a romantic relationship with someone. Although it has its pros and cons, it has helped countless people find a happy relationship with someone they love.

Umar Kagzi

Hey readers, my name is Umar Kagzi. A Senior at Thomas Edison High School, I write for the General News section of Edison Light. News is my calling because I check the latest updates on it any chance I can get, and read about topics from all over the world. Apart from writing, I enjoy fixing computers, playing video games, and baking sweets in my free time.