Edison’s Brain-Drain Classes Prepare You for the Better

Teenagers often go through “Brain-Drain” classes, as they’re aiming for college and a bright future.  A “Brain Drain” class can be defined as a class that is emotionally, physically, and mentally destressing to the student. Now, Thomas A. Edison CTE High School possesses a large amount of these classes, one being Digital Media. Overall, “Brain Drain” classes are to prove that from hardwork and dedication, you’re able to conquer anything once you put your mind to it.

          Thomas Edison High School is one of the very few schools in New York City that offers college-preparatory career and technological programs. One being Digital Media that focuses on building your skill sets in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Indesign to pass the related certification.

Now, Digital Media is known for its tedious work that’s given. It takes dedication.

Caption: Student Chelsea Reyes working on a project in Adobe Photoshop, in her shop class, Digital Media Photo Credits: Eashan Nirhoe​​​

Caption: Student Chelsea Reyes working on a project in Adobe Photoshop, in her shop class, Digital Media
Photo Credits: Eashan Nirhoe​​​

According to a senior in this class named Anjali Seegobin,  “Digital Media is a hard class due to the excessive amount of work and criteria expected from me. Not only does this mentally stress me out but subjects me to an emotional rollercoaster of whether or not I’ll pass the certification. The amount of work I receive from classes builds up and overwhelms me emotionally, distressing me even more as the weeks persist to meet harsh deadlines as these projects take forever to complete.”

           However, the moral behind all these “Brain Draining” classes is that hard work will benefit you personally. That feeling of accomplishment will always motivate you to do bigger and better. Anjali also said “ Working hard to keep my grades up in a drain braining class will eventually benefit me in the long run. It pushes me to a higher responsibility, something I’ll have to master in college all while strengthening my skills in future career options.”

Ariana Dubois, also in Digital Media said “The amount of work that’s given gets really stressful, a lot of the times I am often left to figure it out on my own seeing that it’s something I wasn’t familiar with. Sometimes I feel like giving up but I don’t because working hard keeps my grade up. Besides the work you are given, moving on and having perseverance is always a good feeling. Life is a challenge and brain drain classes help you learn and overcome for the future.”

          At the end of the day, these “Brain Draining” classes simply fuel you to take responsibility and motivate you to strive for success. Truthfully, it will affect you physically, mentally and emotionally but it’s up to you to battle these obstacles. You tend to become invincible when you’ve overcome the hardships and you’ll see that it’ll all be worth it in the end. Realizing that Edison’s “Brain Drain” classes help us better ourselves is the most important part to take away from them.

Kelliana Seeraj

My name is Kelliana Seeraj, currently a senior majoring in the Web Design shop class. On my free time, I enjoy going on adventures to new places in my city to explore art and food. I aspire to try a dish from every culture out there. I’m super excited to share these with you all. Lastly, a fun fact about me is that I’m super dramatic.