Edison READS

Edison Reads is a new initiative that’s been implemented into our school. This was open across all grades in an attempt to give students and school staff the opportunity to borrow books and share what they are reading with others in the building. 

The idea was brought to light by one of our very own librarians Ms. Psaltos. She explained how she went to a meeting where they spoke about how they were attempting to bring back reading into schools. 

“[I was] inspired to create something at Edison and wanted students and teachers to be actively involved in this,” said Ms. Psaltos. 

Immediately afterwards she collaborated with her co-librarian, Mr. Veyvoda, and they brought the idea up to Mr. Ojeda, Ms. Minogue, and Dr. Collado, who all unanimously agreed that Edison would benefit from this. 

The way that Edison Reads works is students who borrow a book and are asked to fill out a template in the shape of a hexagon. The teachers/staff have to fill out the same information, but their formatting is different. Students’ papers are displayed on the walls outside of the library and teachers are able to put it anywhere they want.

“Kids are proud and point out their reading templates. Sharing with their friends,” said Mr. Veyvoda. 

This shows the effect that we have been able to feel and witness of this new program to Edison.

There was an ongoing competition between the grades from February to the end of April to see which grade could borrow the most books. It ended with a giveaway/raffle for gift certificates to Barnes & Noble with one winner per grade. In order to encourage more students to read, the librarians started a Wednesday cafe cart so kids can borrow books if they don’t have time to go to the library.

Students were very interested in this. Data showed the number of books borrowed these days were three times greater than days without the cart. “To see that everyone is involved in this, it’s a collaborative effort school wide. Students. Teachers. Staff. Recommendations bring reading into the conversation,” said Ms. Psaltos

Bringing attention back to reading, one step at a time. 

Cindy Sarabia

Hello everyone! I am Cindy Sarabia, writing for the Featured Section of The Edison Light. Talking about random things happening around me has to be one of my favorite forms of pass time, so it would only make sense to continue that. Bringing recognition to any event, big or small happening in our community.