Dating on a Budget?!

There are an abundant amount of positive, negative, fun or disappointing aspects to a date. We anticipate to get a closer look into date night by putting a price on how much you can spend on another person. The purpose of this article is to see the different perspectives of a $5 date. As well as, how most individuals choose to spend these $5.

There’s more to a person’s thought process than what just meets the eye. Depending on the type of person you are, or the person you are taking out, places you go can differ by category. For instance, if you’re unsure of places to go just start naming fun or good places you can eat on a budget or just places you and others can go to in order to have a quiet/fun night out.

Caption: This picture depicts a date night created by the Tramp with whatever he had at the moment. Photo Credit: Disney

Caption: This picture depicts a date night created by the Tramp with whatever he had at the moment.
Photo Credit: Disney

When you think about dating, a majority of the time the person you are involved with has the same interest as you. Unless of course you are still getting to know them. Dates can be a huge hit or miss when it comes to testing your compatibility.  

The cost of a date changes depending on the event and who you are taking. Taking your girlfriend out for your anniversary would cost more than going out with your just your friends. But, usually when you go out with a group of friends everyone pays their own bill if you go somewhere expensive or judging by the size of the group going.

If you really like a person, or if you’re really interested in them I don’t think prices matter or should matter. You can’t put a price on a person. And if your partner is putting a price on you then you need to re-evaluate why your with them.

“I consider a date to be when your spending time with a person you are interested in. No, I never put a price tag on a date. Usually my partner would recommend places to eat and I would go with it. I don’t really mind. As for who pays, whoever picks up the check first will pay or whoever has money at the time.” said Preeti Singh, a senior student at Thomas A. Edison High School.

“To me a date is just getting away from all the noise, getting away from all the distractions. So it doesn’t necessarily have to end in a situation where you have to pay something, or make plans to pay a certain amount,” said Mr. Ojeda, our principal at Thomas A. Edison High School.

“I think you have to look at it aside from the money it’s about the effort. So if they took the effort to organize a date, I think that should speak more than the value that they payed for the date. And I                                                          don’t think you can put a price range on a date,” said Ms. Dilrukshi, a CTE teacher at our school.

Rachel Rasul

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