Culinary Arts Gains Recognition

 Starting on Tuesday, December 4th, students in the Culinary Arts program will be receiving assistance from members of the National Honor Society. Members are giving back to their community by helping the students with their daily activities. This activity brings attention to the fact that their program is underfunded and they are only surviving by staff contributions.

Credit: Nicholas Suresh

Credit: Nicholas Suresh

     This program helps students who have special needs to learn an important life skill that they can utilize in college and career. According to Edison’s database, students who are enrolled in the Instructional Support Service (ISS) spend approximately two periods a day in a model apartment where they will develop independent living skills. Additionally, students will learn job skills and culinary skills through running the Edison Café.

There are two special education teachers that run this class: Ms. Bellomo and Jessica Forster.

Ms. Forster said, “I enjoy that it gives my students an opportunity to learn how to cook meals for themselves and for others.”

Aside from that, I asked her about anything that she like to be changed within the program.

Ms. Forster said, “A bigger kitchen would be nice!”

To conclude the interview, Ms.Forster said, “cooking… gives my students the confidence and it makes them feel like a part of the school environment… it makes them feel like a part of Edison.

With all that said, it is clear that students need to take an initiative to assist their fellow peers. Doing so shows Ms. Forster’s students that they aren’t isolated from the rest of the school. What many should take away from this is the simple fact that you don’t have to be part of a school club in order to help your own school mates.

Credit: Nicholas Suresh

Credit: Nicholas Suresh


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