Applying to College During a Pandemic

The class of 2021 is the first graduating class in recent history to go through an entire school year fully remote from home. This once in a lifetime experience came with many challenges such as figuring out how to use sites, lack of interaction with classmates, and arguably the most stressful; applying to college. 

Seniors across the country are scrambling to get their applications in on time with essays, getting their documents in order, and much more. Carlos Garcia, describes applying for college during the pandemic as, “very confusing and stressful. Sometimes it feels like I have to figure all this out on my own or else I will not have a future.” This is the case for most seniors these days with communication with guidance counselors being so difficult. 

These kids feel alone in this process and for them it’s almost as if the help that would have been available to them in a normal school setting is now non-existent. “I depend more on my friends and older family members because they are always available and up to date on things,” Garcia said.

Normally, an answer to this question would be “the college office” or “my guidance counselor,” but sadly this is not the case for the children graduating in 2021.

Confusion is rampant amongst the seniors of this graduating class. The answers are not always clear and a lot of these kids are first generation college students.

In these odd times, seniors are at a disadvantage compared to any other generation before them. The hope is that they emerge victorious and that we continue to thrive and move forward to the next chapter of our lives. 

Emill Payamps

I am Emill. I enjoy reading, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family. I love to write and find it to be one of my many outlets to release stress and make time go by faster on some of the slower days. I am Dominican and speak Spanish. I value the voice of others and the respect that others give to mine.