Advancing Leaders Through Opportunity – AAPI Month 2023

The month of May is nationally recognized as AAPI month. AAPI stands for Asian American Pacific Islander and it recognizes the contributions made by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders throughout our history. While doing so, it is important to put emphasis on those creating history; the powerful people in our time making advancements to the community.

One of those making history is Yun Yan, Thomas A. Edison’s Asian Club Vice President. Not only has she demonstrated immense academic success, but continues to advocate for her community and bring awareness. 

Asian Americans should be respected all throughout, so what does the month mean?

“AAPI month to me is a month that honors and remembers the contributions that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have made and continue to make to America’s history, society, and culture. It also recognizes the hardships that we have faced throughout time and ensures that our stories are never forgotten,” Yan said.

There are many ways to show your support during AAPI month.

“I’ve been working at the Museum of Chinese in America for almost a year now. I’ve been able to be a part of programs that we have such as music performances, dances, and book readings that bring the Asian community together and highlight our culture. During the pandemic, I’ve also attended protests for the Stop Asian Hate Movement at Columbus Park,” said Yan.

AAPI month was established by George H. W. Bush in the year of 1992. We have arrived at its 31st year of celebration but still there are ways we can improve when it comes to recognizing the cultures that innovated our lives.

“One way that other communities can demonstrate gratitude to Asian Americans outside of AAPI month is by supporting small Asian businesses that have been working hard to rebuild themselves since the pandemic,” said Yan.

As the month comes to an end, we must remember the effects of Asian American Pacific Islanders is evident throughout our life and we should honor their legacies. AAPI month is something to acknowledge all year round.

Rianka Das

Hey, my name is Rianka Das. I am a senior at Thomas A. Edison in the robotics program. I will be taking on a role for the General News division in the Edison Light. This department allows us to cover news in all different departments, because like me, it’s hard to confine news to just one area. I find myself taking on a number of hobbies and exploring my scientific, analytical side, and my whimsical, creative side. Through this, my hobbies range from relaxing and watching Netflix to working an after school job allowing me to experience a biotechnical field ultimately furthering my education. I love quality time with loved ones and can chat up a storm, a storm I wish to bring with me as we write our way through the Edison Light.