ACE: Inner Blossom Art Expo!

ACE Club’s first after school event took place this year, featuring art and a poetry showcase, as well as crafting stations. The event took place on Monday, May 23rd in the courtyard and offered free admission to all students and staff who RSVP’d.

The event is part of many in-person after school events that are making a comeback this year. Participants were able to make paintings, origami crafts, as well as paper kites. Crafts were allowed to be taken home while the paintings remained at school to dry. The members of ACE gave an address at the beginning and end of the event. Poetry club members shared their creative works to guests, food and drink were also provided.

The event centered around a theme, “boundaries”, which was defined by the Ace members and poems presented at the event. Theming also centered around the spring, hence flowers and the spring theme decor. Greetings were held at the mini courtyard outside while the main event had tables at the lower yard.

A photograph of an painting station at the event. Image used with permission from the Edison Media Club

When asked why specifically ACE focused on boundaries for the event, Ms. Kretzmer, advisor, explained the connection to this year’s ACE theme and how the idea came through naturally from the students themselves.

“This year after the pandemic and reintegration to the building this year, boundaries seem really appropriate. There was a transition component, coming back physically to the building and navigating socializing again, and having the physical boundary of the mask and communicating again,” she said. “There were physical and emotional boundaries and as a consequence of what we had endured it came naturally as part of the conversation and it spoke to everyone. It felt really relevant and something somebody could relate to.”

ACE or known Actively Caring at Edison is a club centered around students, and their input was a contributing factor into the promotion and activities provided at the event. 

“It’s a good place to grow.” she said. “It’s a good non judgment zone, for example public speaking it’s a good opportunity to work on skills. They work together collaboratively to create the speech in their free time. They introduced the club and how it was working together, and what their experience was in lockdown.”

Outdoor events are typically easier to handle in a post lockdown as there’s more space for students to dispense. However, being outside was also an integral part of the event and the overall experience. 

“It was almost like a college campus- very chill, very relaxed, back to basics, getting into nature.” she said. “I dreamed about giving back to students and I wondered what life would be like again, and I dreamed about a sunny day with art and music. The weather couldn’t have been better and the vibe was a lot of gratitude and calmness.”

Overall, ACE’s first after school event proved to be successful with a turnout of 54 out of the 74 RSVPs attending. When prompted about ACE’s future plans for events, Ms. Kretzmer explains the art exhibit may be making a comeback for next year. 

“They wanted a winter and spring event. We will plan the event more,” she said. “How could we reach even more students and more people to be involved: that’s always the goal.”

Rizwana Ishaq

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