A Diamond in the Rough

Being a successful student entrepreneur is a very rewarding and satisfying feeling. It easily allows others to see that a student doesn’t have to wait until after graduation to launch their business. However, like most successes, there are always struggles and problems that occur in the midst of everything going on. Not only does a student struggle with their finances and lack of resources, they also are impacted emotionally due to the amount of stress. Often, students who are planning their own businesses are faced with a problem that makes them unsure on whether or not it is able to be solved.

The biggest fear associated with being a student entrepreneur is the chance of failing. A frightening question that floats through a entrepreneur’s mind is if they drop everything in hope that they will pursue their dream;  will they succeed or fail?

There are many instances where entrepreneur’s have dropped out of school in order to further work on their business and things do not go as planned. It is crucial for an entrepreneur to get feedback and constantly work on improving their ideas for the better. Some ways this can be done is reaching out for help from individuals around them and their target audience. Doing this will help lessen the stress they may begin to feel during the process.

Zareen Pasha, an Edison senior, said ”I had a lot of obstacles on whether or not continuing on with my app was worth it because there is a lot of work to be put into this app, but a lack of resources.”

Forming your own idea and being able to pursue it is a great opportunity. It has many benefits and in the long run it is worth all of the stress it took to perfect it. With that being said, student entrepreneurs should always prioritize the emotional impact their ideas have on them.

Pasha said, ”I make sure that I am surveying my target audience and getting the feedback I need in order to modify my app and improve it to have the potential in succeeding.”

Sarina Chitnarain

Hi I’m Sarina! I’m a senior who enjoys coding, photography, music and watching criminal shows or documentaries (weird hobby… I know). I write for the Features section which allows me to write articles about pretty much anything, I love giving advice to other people and sharing tips that I may have. Writing for this section allows me to have the chance to share informative articles about news inside and outside of school.