ZeroSpace: NYC’s New Immersive Art Museum Into A Different Dimension

The trippy and immersive playground showcases art throughout the museum and several shows.

Upon recommendation of a CTE teacher, Mrs. Almonte I had purchased tickets to a museum known as ZeroSpace. She recommended that we go to museums to get footage for our upcoming projects in the Digital Media shop class. I only skimmed through the website because I wanted to be completely surprised when I walked in, and that I was.

(Dome show visuals)

 From the outside, you wouldn’t have guessed that it is a museum without seeing the sign overhead. It is quite hidden and looks like you have to enter a password to get in. It was like we were being escorted to a spaceship. 

 Into the actual museum, it looks very small, but do not be fooled because I ended up spending hours upon hours here. There is a lot to do and of course a lot of pictures to take! I went through the exhibits multiple times because it was so mesmerizing and very trippy. Even the bathroom looked like a different dimension. I had an opportunity to attend the dome show which was amazing. They seated us into these recliners that went all the way back so we were lying down, facing the ceiling. Soon after a projector illuminated the ceiling with beautiful visuals. After a few minutes, it almost felt like we were floating in our seats. It was intriguing because it truly felt like we were in a different dimension. The flashing images were incredibly detailed and it made you feel like you had to keep your eyes open so you wouldn’t even miss a second. 

While walking around the museum, you have to be aware because there are hidden nooks and crannies of different rooms that you would miss the first time going around. I think that’s how I ended up spending hours here. Every time I had walked around the museum it was like a new place to explore had appeared. One of the things you notice when you first walk in is that there is an open space with couches and bean bags with this “Twilight Zone” kind of imagery flashing on a huge screen. I was transfixed on this imagery for quite some time and I found it hard to leave the very odd but comfy area. The detail in this projection was really hypnotizing and the audience around me could agree.

Some of my favorite exhibits included the playful rainbow sand, the floor which left rainbow blobs once you ran across it, and a room that had a spinning projection on the walls with a dropping chandelier. This room felt like you were walking in circles when in reality you were walking in a straight line. I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted to in this room because it was a big attraction and it was always full of people and of the illusion it was giving off made me feel quite dizzy. An honorable mention would be the exhibit in which you lay on bean bags in a completely dark room filled with mirrors and watch a projection of colorful stars. This was a fun room to just sit and relax but once you walk in, it is very dark so it was hard to avoid stepping on any limbs.

 It was an incredible experience and I am definitely coming back to spend even more time in ZeroSpace. The only downside I can say is that it gets crowded pretty fast. If you plan to spend as much time as I did, I would suggest you go early to get the best experience. You should definitely get a group of friends to go with and see how amazed they are by the different dimensions ZeroSpace gives us. 

I got tangled a few times walking through these illuminated ropes but it made for good pictures!

Lauren Singh

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