We are not over the #overchallenge

What had started as user Kylie Bailey (@/kyliembailey) just catching the beat of lucky Daye’s song ‘Over’, quickly grew into a trend of others trying what is now known as the #overchallenge on TikTok. Now everyone across the app is putting their own spin on it. 

The challenge originally began with TikTok creator @/jeffxtingz making a dance to the song that was trending on the app for some time before Bailey created her series of videos. Most of Bailey’s videos on her profile consist of her showing how she listens to music through expression and body movement. Both trends led to many other users taking part in the challenge, adding their own moves to the choreography. Along with normal users, many dancers started to make videos to Daye’s song as well, including Jessica Mashaba (@/jessicamashaba20) and Isaiah Peck (@/zayapeck). 

The flood of videos prompted the singer to comment on both of the original videos, giving thanks for them using his song to create these unique dances. The challenge also resulted in Daye himself posting a TikTok, expressing his confusion on how to do the dance but also having fun with it. He captioned the video “Is this how yall do it?” with the hashtag #overchallenge. Daye also made sure to credit the dcs (dance creators) in the comments of his video. 

So what do you all think of this new challenge, are you in love, or are you #over it?

Graysen Ross-Graham

My name is Graysen Ross-Graham, and I am a senior at Thomas Edison CTE High School. I decided to write for the features section of the Edison Light because I like to cover news and write stories about things that capture people’s interests. Some of my hobbies include listening to music, roller-skating and painting. In addition to that, I am very interested in Architectural design and plan to study interior design in college. With that being said, I hope to pursue a career in this field in the future as well.