Valorant: The Future of Esports FPS

With games like “Overwatch,” and “Counter Strike Global Offensive,” heavily losing players and developers not putting as much thought into the games as they used to, competitive FPS players have found a new game to exhibit their mechanical skill and game sense. And this game is “Valorant.”

Valorant is a character-based 5v5 competitive shooter, with similar tactical playstyle like “Counter Strike:Global Offensive,”(CSGO) but with a creative twist. The characters you can play all have unique perks and abilities, such as sonar arrows that allow players to see through walls and concussion mines that add vertical mobility, that give the game more depth and outplay opportunities.

With most FPS genres focusing on a certain type of playstyle to win games, Valorant lets you be more creative with how you play and how you manipulate the environment.

The closed beta dropped on April 7th, and ran through to May 28. Giving two months for players to test out the game and understand the thoughts of these developers coming to life, the game made a huge splash.

With 1.2 million players tuned into Valorant streams on Twitch, and 3 million daily players, the game amassed a lot of hype. People went as far as to call it the NEW CSGO, and the FUTURE OF ESPORTS. 

Counter Strike: Global Offensive, “Valorants” biggest competitor, hada long run. Remaining in the top 5 played games on steam since 2012, it seemed that the game was unstoppable. Change was needed, and players were definitely getting bored with the repetitive gameplay.

As someone with 700 hours on the game, I could definitely say that after a while you’d reach a plateau with the game and a refresh is needed. Valorant is this new refresh, rewarding patience gameplay and extensive map knowledge, just as CSGO once did. With the official release date June 2nd, it seems like this game is here to stay, and for a good while at that. 

Abdullah Mansoor

Hello, my name is Abdullah Mansoor. I have been passionate about writing ever since I learned how.