Top Five Shows to Binge Watch Over Midwinter Recess

When you aren’t doing homework or going out, being at home during Mid-Winter recess is super boring. With a Netflix subscription, being bored is never an option. These  five shows, such as Netflix Original Punisher, Riverdale, Gossip Girl, Baby Daddy, and Netflix Original Stranger Things, will keep you occupied. You have approximately nine days off, including weekends, to dedicate that time to Netflix.

You will completely fall in love with these five shows due to their storyline and the way these characters interact with one another. But why these shows you might ask?

Caption: Log into Netflix during Mid-Winter Break to start a bunch of binge worthy TV Shows! Photo Credit: Tiffany Naraine

Caption: Log into Netflix during Mid-Winter Break to start a bunch of binge worthy TV Shows!
Photo Credit: Tiffany Naraine

Netflix Original Punisher has a total of 13 episodes for their first season, which is available on Netflix! It is fairly recent and is also a part of the Marvel family. Punisher is about an ex-marine, Frank Castle who decides to take law into his own hands after losing his wife and two kids. He goes against the Government with the help of Special Agents finally coming to an end of controversy. Each episode is roughly 45-50 minutes. You can honestly finish this season in a day or two if you’re really intrigued by it.

Riverdale, Season One,  is available with 13 episodes, which range from 45-50 minutes I recommend this to those that love mystery, thrillers, and dramas. Riverdale has twists and turns you would never expect. It’s mainly aimed at teens since the characters attend high school. Within Riverdale, it’s about a group of teenagers from a small town who are involved in problems which range in complexity from simple rivalries to murder. You can also finish this show in a day or two!

Baby Daddy is a comedy which was released in 2012 and ended in 2017.  There are a total of 6 seasons and each episode is a max of 22 minutes, but each season varies with the number of episodes. Baby Daddy is full of laughter and makes you realize how important family will always be, no matter how annoying they can be. Ben opens his door one day to a baby in front on the floor and has to become a better person for his daughter Emma. Along those lines, he comes across hardships especially with his mom. Overall, it’s more funny than sentimental because the actress that plays his mom is super funny. They act like such a real family and it’s so amazing.

Netflix Original Stranger Things has taken over this generation in so many ways. It has became so popular in such a little amount of time. Stranger Things first released in 2016, but not many people knew what it was or about. Until everyone decided to join the wave of watching it and caused a mass hysteria because of how good it was. It has two seasons on Netflix with a max of 9 episodes per season. Stranger Things is a mystery and scientific thriller about a group of brave kids. Will goes missing one night and ever since then, nothing was the same and season two, will have you begging for more!

Gossip Girl has been on Netflix for a while now and if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. When I first saw it on Netflix I was skeptical to watch it because of how old it was. It takes place in New York City, which is so cool because when watching the show you can identify so many things because they look familiar, such as the steps at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. In Gossip Girl, it’s about a group of friends on the Upper East Side of Manhattan who constantly always compete with each other and they are always arguing with each other. Being a show about drama, there’s this blog which always sends text messages to everyone in school when there’s something juicy going on. It’s super scandal-filled and will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s mainly revolved around relationships and betrayal. Gossip Girl has 6 seasons with up to a max of 25 episodes per season with a 45 minute duration period. If you choose to watch this then you can definitely accomplish a lot when watching.


Tiffany Naraine

My name is Tiffany Naraine and I write for the Sports section for The Edison Light. It isn’t typical for girls to be writing about sports, but I actually love sports. To be specific I love basketball and my favorite team is the New York Knicks. Aside from that my hobbies include going to the city, taking photography, going out to eat and trying new foods, and I also love watching Netflix on my free time. My hands down favorite shows have to be Arrow and Riverdale.