Taylor Swift: Person of the Year or Overrated Artist?

 Taylor Swift is constantly trending and her Swifties are one of the most loyal fan bases in the world. She’s gained lots of attention from her recent Eras tour. So what’s all the hype about? 

“There’s a song for everything. If I want pop I listen to ‘1989’ and ‘Midnights.’ Or if I wanted to listen to sad music, there’s ‘Folklore’ or ‘Evermore.’ She has a 10-minute song that I know every lyric to,” Janessa Li said.

Taylor has 14 albums in total. Her most streamed songs are “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” “Blank Space,” “Style,” and “Wildest Dreams.” Taylor is a strong lyricist which makes her relatable through her vivid breakup and love songs. She’s notorious for creating songs about her exes. 

“All she writes about is her 19 breakups and boyfriends,” Andrea Judan said. 

Taylor has had 12 boyfriends in her dating history. Fans always speculate about which song is about who. There are many theories out there about which ex Swift is referring to in her songs. 

However, she is a relatable artist and knows how to connect with her fans. Students say that she is a down-to-earth person. 

 “She did a listening party for her album 1989. She invited fans to her home and they got to listen to the album 1989 before everyone else. She cares a lot about her fans, unlike other artists like Doja Cat,” Li added. 

Taylor’s most recent boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is a football player for the Chiefs. Their new relationship is trending all over TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Fans are saying that Taylor looks so much happier and that the new couple are a perfect match for one another. Their new relationship has been making headlines and further putting Taylor in the spotlight. 

“She was handing out $100s at a Chiefs game,” said Li. Taylor often faces comments that say “She sounds like everyone else.” 

We know that Swift’s songs are usually about her relationship problems and past emotions that she has experienced. Due to her songs having similar themes, students often say that her songs are repetitive and all sound similar.

 “She’s not that different from any other artist. I like her old music. That’s what got me. I feel like she’s overrated,” Allisha Sooknanan said. 

However, student Brian Nauth disagrees. He sees her music as iconic and niche. He watched the Era’s Tour Movie and thought it was a piece of art. He felt that there are no other contenders in the genre that Taylor Swift does. 

 “You don’t have to be a big fan to know her songs. Everyone knows it.  I can’t think of anyone who does the genre she does. She’s this generation’s Dolly Parton. The Eras Tour brought in new fans and intrigued old fans,” said Brian Nauth.

 Despite her worldwide popularity and her 78.7 million fans, There is a lot of controversy surrounding Taylor Swift and her performative femininity. While she empowers women, she only does so for white women. 

“She talks about feminism. She doesn’t talk about black women, and POC women, no indigenous women, and she doesn’t talk about the issues that intersect with the issues of the patriarchy,” said Angica Alonce. 

It is often talked about how Taylor Swift only caters to a certain audience. That audience is white women. Particularly it is white women from the age of 18-24. Her songs pull at the heart strings of young women across the world. 

Alonce also added, “Do not stream her music. Do not stream 1989.” 

Beyonce and Taylor Swift are usually compared with one another since the drama that occurred at the 2009 VMA Awards when Kanye interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech for her award to say that Beyonce had one of the best music videos of the year.

“They’re both in the same country. They have different audiences. Taylor has a younger audience. You can’t compare the two because they are different genres,” said Brian Nauth. 

Angica Alonce added to the Taylor vs. Beyonce topic as well.

“Did she deserve what Kayne did to her? Hmm I don’t know. But, Beyonce deserved that award,” Alonce said.

Allia Dalana

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