Take an Adventure with this Cartoon

We all had a time in our childhood when we came home from school to watch the premiering episodes of “Regular Show” or “Ben 10” on Cartoon Network, and it was a golden era at that. As we grow up we forget the little things that made us who we are: the times where we’d refuse to eat our vegetables or where we’d rush home after school and watch the newest episode on channel seven. 

Cartoon Network is a commonly known channel for producing cartoons such as “Regular Show,” “Amazing World of Gumball,” “Powerpuff Girls,” “Chowder,” and many more. These cartoons created characters that formed a good chunk of our childhood. Teaching us lessons and letting us go on virtual adventures. Cartoons don’t get enough credit for how it schedules our youthful lives. The mornings where we’d wake up extra early so we didn’t miss our favorite shows are mornings we forget about now.

So why not revisit some classics and enjoy the comforting show that formed our childhoods? If you like comedy, cartoons, and massive character development then “Adventure Time” might be your next watch.

Re-watching this show with a mature mindset can open your eyes to little mysteries and hidden easter eggs. This sparked an idea and almost a question, what have I been missing out on, and is there a reason to re-watch these cartoons? Shows like “Gravity Falls” are highlighted as a mystery and as a kid, we tend to look over the mysteries and hidden features and pay attention to the obvious. Lots of cartoons have a mature aspect hidden in kid-friendly characters and illustrations. 

The story begins with Finn, supposedly the last of humanity, and his brother, Jake, a stretchy yellow dog as the protagonists of the show. They soon begin to realize what’s happening around them and their pasts. Finn was left alone in the woods as a baby, until he was found by Joshua and Magaret, Jake the dog’s parents. The three of them took Finn in as a family until Margaret and Joshua passed away, Finn and Jake’s adventure starts here. They fight against many evils that threatened the kingdoms in the Land of OOO, from wacky clumsy villains like the Ice King to the embodiment of evil itself, the Litch. Whilst the overall randomness of some episodes sound like it’s very fitting for children, each episode has a build-up of lore embedded into it. The show makes it clear that there’s an underlying theme and meaning as you continue to watch “Adventure Time.”

During season 8 of “Adventure Time”, the story takes a turn by focusing on the protagonist Finn and the origin of his species, the humans. Through his journey, he finds artifacts created by the humans, machines that reveal history. As Finn learns more about the humans he finds out where his mother is and learns about what happened to the humans. This show takes a turn from a simple cartoon to a mastermind story plot. Whilst most of the interesting scenes happens towards the end of the series, it’s worth a watch.

Although the season finale of “Adventure Time” aired on September 3rd, 2018, a reboot of the show called “Adventure Time: Distant Lands” first aired on June 2020. The show talks about the secrets of other characters in Adventure Time, such as BMO, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and we even get to see Finn for the first time after years. This brings satisfaction to many fans who’ve grown up watching Adventure Time. Distant Lands is still being aired currently and might reveal some more information on Finn and Jake’s past.

“Adventure Time,” a story about a young teen boy finding the truth about himself and his lineage disguised by princesses and fighting bad guys. The show opens a new narrative, a narrative that might just interest you now. Cartoons have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. The subliminal lessons and heart-warming characters will leave you wanting more. Whilst not everybody loves the cartoony look of this intertwining show, “Adventure Time” holds a place in the hearts of many fans. If you’re a fan of character development, mysterious creatures, and overall a good smile, Adventure Time might just be your next watch.

Shiann Rampersaud

Hey! My name is Shiann but you can call me Shy! I am currently a senior at Thomas Edison High School. I love animals, food, and a great story. One day I want to travel the world and create one big story full of pictures, culture, and most importantly memories.