Swifties: The Eras Tour of Friendship Bracelets, Costume Changes, and Secret Songs

Superstar Taylor Swift has had a thrilling year, from performing three-hour shows in the U.S. to announcing highly-anticipated international dates for “Eras Tour.” After five long years, fans globally have been buzzing with excitement as they prepare to experience the magic of Taylor’s performances in their own cities. 

With over five hundred million fans and twenty thousand seats in each stadium, many Swifties have compared the fight to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s song “The Great War,” as some waited as long as four hours to get tickets. Judee Yanessa, a junior, had a chance to fight in the Great War, as she was in class when the ordeal went down. 

“Honestly, my experience getting tickets wasn’t bad at all… I’ve heard, like, horror stories about how hard it was to get tickets and how expensive they are,” Yanessa said. 

Those who won the treacherous battle were rewarded with the presence of Taylor Swift, with tricks up her sleeves the fans knew all too well. Swift has multiple costume changes throughout the night, catching the essence of each of her albums in every outfit. Sheila Minchala Chimbay, a senior, got to experience what it was like when Swift rolled the dice.

“Magical. It was truly such a magical night. Taylor’s performance, from the props and backgrounds, multiple background dancers, dance routines, and overall the atmosphere of just being in a stadium full of Swifties going wild and screaming out their lungs, was just magical,” Chimbay said. 

In the song “You’re On Your Own, Kid” from Midnights, Taylor encourages listeners to “make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it.” Fans took this advice, creating a tradition within the tour of trading bracelets with secret silly messages only a Swiftie would know. 

 “The friendship bracelets were truly such a girlhood experience,” Chimbay said.

Continuing with the Eras, Taylor Swift has an acoustic section, a portion of the show dedicated to songs that didn’t make the setlist or she hasn’t sung in a long time. Of the two hundred songs Swift has released, she picks two each night that can’t be repeated again. 

“Her acoustic section was probably what I was most excited for. I was emotional at that point, and nothing could’ve disappointed me,” Judee Yanessa said.

From just wrapping up the first leg of the tour in California and announcing the release of her new album, “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” it is now time for international fans to shimmer alongside Taylor. Swift has started the International Tour in Mexico City, mapping her next stop to be Japan in February 2024. With unprecedented demand, Taylor Swift announced she will be back touring in the U.S., in the Fall of 2024, giving fans another chance to see her. 

“Just going once was enough, but I would love to go again,” Sheila Minchala Chimbay said. 

Fans awaiting Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour Show at Metlife Stadium in May 2023. 

Samantha Marasigan

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