Super Bowl Sidelines

Super Bowl ads are an opportunity for businesses to leave a lasting impression on a global audience. Many Superbowl commercials have gained widespread recognition because of its use of special effects, comedy, and creativity. Jennifer Clarke, who contributes to these well-known ads, attended the BSU panel hosted by Thomas Edison.

The 2023 Super Bowl commercials were a success. In between the games they air “5-6 second commercials that run smoothly,”  according to Jennifer Clarke.

The short duration provides spectators with instant amusement. “It is meant to be memorable for the product to make sales while also giving people the sweepstakes experience,” Clarke said.

The competition that goes along with it is just as important as the entertainment. Businesses have the opportunity to submit their best work in the hopes of receiving the best results, or as she put it, “We work hard, but play harder.”

They generate $64 billion in revenue annually from simply just advertisements, but the innovative Super Bowl ads generate significantly more. “It brings life through technology onto the television screen,” Jennifer Clarke said. 

Many people look forward to Super Bowl Sunday, and the commercials really raise the entertainment factor. The 2023 Super Bowl ads were on point and we hope to see more creativity and success during the next Super Bowl. 

BSU Panelist Jennifer Clarke
Sara Alli

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