Sparking New Interest

Have you ever been hyped to watch the latest movie or music event? Like Batman, Jujitsu Kaisen, or Bad Bunny. People are excited to go to Anime conventions to be around people of the same interests and in a welcoming environment.  

Anime conventions set that atmosphere where you feel accepted. The enthusiasm is ten times more than being thrilled to see a movie. A place where you get all the attention and do not feel shameful. You can wear your favorite cosplays with friends. Also, you can enter the cosplay competition to show off your costume and get a chance to win!

If you love to collect accessories, the anime convention has various anime accessories from; old shows starting with Sailor Moon to the newest show, Demon slayer. Make sure you watch out for any scams. The advantage is seeing the items in person and knowing if you want to buy them online or on the spot. Sometimes there is limited edition merchandise, so make sure to save up now. 

Panels are full of people interested in the same anime shows, and they gather to ask questions or answer questions. Also, you become acquainted with voice actors and learn about their stories of their experiences of how they got the paper. Also, you get to have the voice actors’ signatures.  

Anime con allows you to meet new people or people from school that you did not know have the same interest as you. Meet new people with the same passion. It does not necessarily have to be about anime. There are other types of related media; mangas, video games, cars, and cool weapons in anime con that you can discover.

Emely Rosales

Hi, my name is Emely Rosales, and I am currently a senior at Thomas A. Edison High School. I like helping others in my community. I enjoy spending time with my birds and buying them new toys. Also, I love spending time in my bed and watching anime or reading manga. I like going out with my friends and playing volleyball.