Snapchat AI Bot: Friend or Foe?

Snapchat, a social media platform, has recently introduced its AI Bot feature, which has generated curiosity and discussions among users. To gain insight into how high school seniors perceive this new addition, I interviewed a few students and asked them about their initial impressions, thoughts on data collection, and how the AI Bot has enhanced their Snapchat experience.

Raima Aziz, a high school senior at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School, expressed her initial skepticism about the AI Bot, however, after using it, she found it to be incredibly convenient. 

When asked about the collection and utilization of personal data by the AI Bot, Raima and Tziyon Narine shared similar perspectives. Raima stated that since many websites and advertisements already collect personal data for targeted recommendations, she doesn’t have strong concerns about the AI Bot doing the same. “Sharing personal data is essential for the AI Bot to improve its understanding and provide better responses,” Narine said.

Another senior also shed light on how the AI Bot has enhanced their Snapchat experience.

 Delicia Wiggins mentioned that the AI Bot “acts like a friend,” which adds a new dynamic to the platform. Her response suggests that the AI Bot provides users with a sense of companionship or familiarity, making the Snapchat experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Implementing AI technology into social media platforms like Snapchat opens up exciting possibilities. By collecting and analyzing data, AI systems can deliver more personalized content, recommendations, and responses to users.

According to the high school seniors’ positive comments, this customization delivers a personalized experience for users. Remember that moral considerations must be made when using AI technologies. Maintaining user trust requires finding a balance between personalization and user consent. 

The Snapchat AI Bot is a significant development in the ongoing evolution of social media platforms. Snapchat wants to give users a more individualized and engaging experience by integrating AI technology. Therefore, users and platforms must both keep informed as AI develops in order to influence how AI will be integrated into social media in the future. AI-driven features like the Snapchat AI Bot can be used to improve the user experience and promote pleasant interactions with due consideration for privacy and ethical issues. 

While initial skepticism may exist, the convenience, personalization, and sense of companionship provided by the AI Bot have won over many users. As long as privacy and ethical considerations are prioritized, AI has the potential to revolutionize social media and create even more engaging and tailored experiences for users.

Jessica Ramlakan

Hello! My name is Jessica. I am part of the Graphic Design CTE track here at Edison and I will be primarily writing for the Arts and Entertainment section. In my free time, I love to immerse myself in any sort of fictional world. Whether that be through books, movies, or binge-worthy shows. I enjoy all things entertainment and arts and would like to share my love for this world with you through my writing. We’re here for a great time, not a long time, so let’s make the most of it.