Smoke and Black Mirror

Ever since Black Mirror released its fourth season, it’s been the talk for weeks. Black Mirror is a show based on advanced technology and the outcome it has, whether it’s good or bad. What’s so unique about this show, is how unexpected it is. It contains many twists and each episode is different, and confusing but it’s intriguing.

With each season being very short, it anticipates curiosity after each episode finishes. Its previous 3 seasons all have different scenarios, different characters and plots, which intrigues a viewer. As you begin to watch it you get confused, as you don’t really know what this show is about. Shows often tend to be relatable and with us being in a technological era, where its advancing everyday, having these scenarios could become a possibility. It leaves us to question whether advancing in technology is a good or bad thing?

Caption: Black Mirror's Fourth Season

Caption: Black Mirror’s Fourth Season

“Technology advancing can be a positive thing because I believe it represents the evolution of the human race as time progresses. This show could have received a lot of recognition if it was compared to current real life situations. I do believe that Black Mirror has an influence on viewers, we are constantly using technology but we don’t realize how much it controls our lives until we watch an episode of this show,” says Senior Anamica Rahman, a fan of Black Mirror.

In one episode of Black Mirror called,”NoseDive,” the main character Lacie played by Bryce Dallas Howard, is desperate to raise her social media rating by putting on fake smiles, or uploading pics to gain 5 stars which raises her score. Whether you have a frown on your face or a bad encounter with anyone you may get a low rating, which lowers your overall rank. She’s not the only one as the whole society in that episode acted around the same, unless they face the downfall of it. With social media being a big influence nowadays, it gets some viewers to think if the future is predictable.

Black Mirror tied in different interests that people can relate to. In this new season you will watch a scenario of a video game, robots, romance and more. With such unpredictable turns this show can take, you’re in for a wave of turns.

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