Smash Gets A New Persona


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been out for more than a month now, and with January coming to an end comes the first DLC character for the game. The one and the only Piranha Plant, and yes you heard right, the first DLC character is an it, since it’s 2019 and we can’t assume. Anyway the plant is the first DLC character to be released and is going to be free for those who purchased the game early. With Piranha Plant revealed, many began to speculate as to who the remaining 5 DLC characters would be for the game. That was until the first of the 5 characters was revealed to be none other than Joker from the game series known as Persona. This was something that honestly no one saw coming, and was a true shock to many.


Joker first debuted in Persona 5, which released on September 15, 2016 by the game developers known as Atlus and P Studio. The game is loved by many and can be seen through the many reviews made by others on the web, the most noticeable being that it was rated 9.7/10 on IGN Entertainment. However, even though the game is 2 years old now, there are still many loyal fans to this day. So when Joker was revealed as being the new addition for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during the 2018 Game Awards fans greeted him with a warm welcome.

Now that he is coming to ultimate, it opened doors for an endless supply of speculation. The reason being is that the majority of the games roster comes from Nintendo made games. With Joker coming from a different developer this means that there is a chance for many characters across a variety of different developers to join in the fray. The only thing that I see as a factor to join in the fray of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be the popularity of the character and it’s fanbase. Now we can only wait and speculate who comes next. Can you tell who joins next? At this point it would be as good as anyone’s guess.

Shams Mehboob

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