She-Hulk Outrage

The trailer for the new marvel series “She-Hulk” recently dropped and caused a lot of commotion amongst marvel fans. The series is set to premiere on August 17th and only positive remarks have been heard. 

Many are excited to see what marvel makes of the new superhero after seeing how other female superheroes were presented. The trailer portrays she-hulk as someone that’s not only a superhero, but also someone that takes pride in her actual job and is able to overcome the difficult tasks thrown her way. 

Most female superheroes in modern media are often sexualized and there isn’t much else seen about them. Most female superheroes are dressed in provocative attire and are made to seem very sexy even when they’re supposed to be doing superhero activities. She-hulk on the other hand is portrayed to be a very strong minded and work oriented individual. 

Although, there is some controversy surrounding the appearance of she-hulk. While some are happy about her appearance due to things such as her outfits, others are less thrilled due to the fact that she doesn’t look how they expected her to. There are some people that expected she-hulk to be more muscular and are disappointed when seeing that she wasn’t in the trailer. 

There also seemed to be controversy surrounding things such as the special effects seen in the trailer. Fans of marvel expressed their dislike of the special effects of the show publicly on social media platforms. 

While there was a fair amount of backlash concerning the trailer, the majority of the reactions to the trailer were positive. The positive results were mostly in regards to the actress playing she-hulk, Tatiana Maslany. Many believe that Tatiana Maslany was the best choice for the role due to how well she portrayed the character in the trailer. 

Regardless of the negative reactions to the trailer, many are excited for the upcoming series and can’t wait to see where marvel goes with it. 


Shania Dyaram

Hi! My name is Shania Dyaram and I´m currently a senior in the Robotics program at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. My hobbies include painting, photography, and reading. I enjoy reading about various topics regarding arts and entertainment, which is why I chose to write for this section in The Edison Light.