Seeing Clearly into Billie Eilish’s Blurry World

Billie Eilish has been one of the most influential pop artists ever since one of her hit songs,Ocean Eyeswent viral in 2015. 

On February 26th of this year, Eilish released her documentary, Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry on Apple TV+ and select theatres, detailing the steps she took to complete her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? The documentary starts in 2018 and takes viewers into her personal life, her experience with touring, the backstory of some of her songs, and eventually, winning six Grammys.  

Many teens find Billie Eilish’s songs, and even her life, to be something they can relate to. Throughout the documentary, Eilish opens up a piece of herself that is often closed to the rest of the world– her mental health and relationships. She revealed her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Q, and how certain parts of their relationship have influenced her career. 

“The part of the movie that teens can definitely relate to is the process of falling in love with someone and then experiencing their first heartbreak,” Britney Suriel, who appeared in one of the 2019 concerts of the film said. “Billies romantic relationship is revealed throughout almost the whole of the documentary and it shows the step by step process of falling for someone, being so fond and mushy over them at the start of the relationship, and then slowly coming to the realization that the relationship might be coming to an end, and you’re left with heartbreak. Anyone can experience a heartbreak, no matter how beautiful and successful of a person you are.”

Billie gives credit to her family’s dynamic for her and her brother, Finneas O’Connell’s success. “Our parents were really good about listening to what we wanted and never forcing anything on us. I think we grew up in such a way that made us feel like we could just do and be whatever we wanted. They just supported it,” Billie said towards the end of the film. Earlier in the documentary, she mentions that her family is “one big f– song,” referring to how they’ve influenced her music career by exposing her to writing songs and playing instruments at an early age. As a result, she continues her career with her brother writing and producing music in his room.

“The most relatable part of the movie to me was seeing how close Billie’s relationship with her brother is and watching him be protective and proud of her and basically become her best friend and brother in one,” Suriel said. “I’m really close with my twin brother in the same way Billie is with her brother Finneas and so it was refreshing seeing siblings who don’t bicker and act like they hate each other all the time.”

Billie was brought into the spotlight at a young age and faced the pressure of finding her way through the rigors of the music industry. Fans agree that regardless of what comes her way, she seems to persevere. While performing ‘Bad Guy’ at Italy’s Milano Rocks Festival, Billie sprained her ankle from jumping up and down on stage. Billie responded to her injury by saying, “it’s so stupid because I’m, like, choked up right now because I’d rather not do a show than do a crappy version for you…like I just want to give you a good show, like I can’t.” Fans in the past have warned Billie not to put too much pressure on herself to put on a good show for them.

“I learned that Billie is incredibly strong. Strong emotionally and mentally. She’s been through a lot and has seen so much good and bad from such a young age,” Suriel said.  “A lot of people don’t give her enough credit for her strength for holding up with all of what she’s gone through. I am so proud of her.”

R.J. Cutler, producer of the film, and Billie had been working on this project from 2018-2020, and it had undoubtedly caught the attention of her fans, especially those who have attended her concerts only to spot her documentary crew.

“Billie herself didn’t hint that the crowd would be in the movie but her documentary crew was there and so people who are in her fandom already knew what was going on since the documentary crew has been with her from the start,” Suriel said. 

Her fans have admitted to learning more about her intimately after watching the film and seeing the work she had been putting in to get where she is now. Billie also admitted that she feels a close connection to her supporters. “I don’t think of them as fans. Ever. They’re not my fans, they’re like… part of me,” Eilish stated in the film.

 “I definitely recommend this movie, especially to anyone who is a fan of Billie,” said Angelica Narain, a fan of Billie since 2018. “I think it opened up a side of her that a lot of people wouldn’t normally see in like a regular interview. This showed the very vulnerable side of Billie. She’s normally very private about her relationships and what’s going on with her and her family in general. After watching this movie I have so much respect for Billie, her brother, her entire family.”

Malrie Thompson

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