School of Rock the Musical

School of Rock on Broadway is a must see musical about a phony teacher who changed the lives of many children through rock music. The production was performed at The Winter Garden theatre in New York City from Monday to Wednesday and Friday. It was an incredible musical and great for children of all ages. The energy throughout the show was extraordinary. The children were very talented and the storytelling was well executed.

    Dewey Finn played by Justin Collette is a failed wannabe rock star who wants to make some extra money. In doing so, he decides to pose as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. He transforms a class of straight-A students into a mind blowing rock band. There is also some romance stirring between Dewey  and the headmistress, played by Jenn Gambatese.

   The actors did an excellent job in performing their roles, especially the child actors. The performance of every individual on stage was amazing.  Their gestures, body movement and facial expressions contributed to the way the story was executed as well as portraying their character really well. Furthermore, the costumes, hair and makeup contributed a lot to the creation of the characters. The children were always well dressed with their uniforms whereas, Dewey was always dressed in street clothes and just looked like a slob. These minor details also helped the actors get into their roles.

   Sound effects, lighting effects and the music contributed greatly to the mood of the show. Throughout the show, the mood was very energetic. Especially when it gets to the battle of the bands! The theatre transformed into a rock concert. The children performed live; there was no lip syncing or instrumental music playing in the background. They were very talented and they were all so young.

    After interviewing parents of children ages 5-10, I found that the children were eager to see another Broadway show. “I was blown away by the children acting, they all were very talented and my daughter had a great time watching the show”, said Rena Pinerio.  Parents loved the show because it was a great experience and it is a good learning experience for their children.It teaches children that it is okay to have fun sometimes.

Also, one should put their heart and soul into their goals if they want to

succeed. The director of this play tried to reach out to children through an experience they would never forget.

Anuradha Surujdin

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