Social Experiment:

The goal was to see if Rajpreet Kaur and Anthony Brehaspat would like each other’s taste in music. A playlist was made that combined the songs they both love to listen to on a daily basis. 

“I listen to Rap and Indian music on a daily basis because I grew up listening to Indian music and rap music puts me in a good mood. It’s very easy and peaceful to vibe too and these types of songs make me feel cool,” said Rajpreet Kaur.

Would Kaur consider listening to other genres of music, “No, because other music makes me feel uncomfortable and I would much rather stick to the music I listen to on a daily basis,” she said. 

Apparently the music Rajpreet Kaur listens to has helped her throughout quarantine by keeping her very relaxed and sane in her household. 

“I listen to rap, hip hop, and old school dancehall/reggae music mostly because the artists are amazing and the music is just immaculate,” said Anthony Brehaspat.

Would Brehaspat consider listening to new music? “Of course, I am always down to listen to new kinds of music,” he said.

Anthony Brehaspat stated that music has helped him through quarantine by “keeping him entertained through the hard times… it was sad and depressing that I couldn’t have gone anywhere and I couldn’t have hung out with my friends, but music was the one thing that always kept me in a good mood.”

Each participant listened to the other’s playlist for a full week

Both Rajpreet Kaur and Anthony Brehaspat really loved all the music suggested. They loved how it incorporated music from their culture, music they grew up listening to, and music they listen to on a daily basis. 

The point of this playlist was to encourage these two teens to change up their daily routine a little. Since COVID-19 started, kids had to quarantine and start to do online school. They couldn’t go out, or hang out with their friends. These teenagers, including Kaur and Brehaspat probably felt trapped in their own house, doing their daily routine in some chronological order, repeatedly, over and over again. I would be going insane for sure! 

There is a heavy influence of music on human beings. It will increase memory, develop stamina of the task, lighten your mood, minimize anxiety and depression, stave off exhaustion, enhance your pain response, and help you work out more efficiently.

Reyana Persaud

Hey guys! My name is Reyana Persaud and my section is Arts and Entertainment. I’m just an ordinary 17 year old girl who loves to write. Writing makes me feel free and in control. I do also have other interests like swimming, making tik toks, doing makeup, and helping people out in any way I can. I look forward to writing for the Edison Light this school year !