Parasite: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

On October 5th, 2019 a Korean thriller/ comedy hit the cinemas causing a whirl of buzz. You’ve probably heard of it, the movie “Parasite.” A film that can be described as a blockbuster movie hitting the box office with a whopping 202.3 million USD.  Rated 8.6/10 IMDb, 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, 96% on Metacritic. Not to mention it won the Academy Award  for Best Motion Picture along with 4 Oscars sounds like the movie that you cannot miss right? Even the NYTimes even says it, “his(Director: Bong Joon-ho) messaging is so on point, his rhetoric so rigid, that there’s hardly anything left untethered to allow the viewer imaginative freedom.” A remarkable movie in the eyes of many.

As soon as people begin to go see this movie, we quickly learn that it’s not quite  everyone’s cup of tea. Some people have different perspectives and views on this movie, some even find the movie weird and pointless.  Personally, I really like this movie and think it’s really great, but to each his own. The whole story and the way it’s portrayed is definitely something special. Sometimes with a foreign movie the meaning often gets skewed in translation, but I think it  translated very well. Foreign movies can also be very boring as  well “Parasite” hooked me and  kept  me wanting more. Although there might be some unusual and obscure things that happen, I think it adds to the storyline and  effectiveness of the viewer. It’s normal just the way that some people don’t like horror movies, or tomatoes, or pizza, not everyone’s the same

Brianna Persaud

My name is Brianna Persaud. My favorite subject in school is math, but creative writing is something I like to do for fun. Creative writing is an excellent and easy way to express your thought and share a message.