“On My Block” Season 3 Review

Netflix’s teen comedy-drama “On My Block” left us with many questions and unexpected cliffhangers by the end of Season 3. If you haven’t seen the series, “On My Block” is about a group of friends from the dangerous city of Freeridge, a city in East LA.  This season we reunite with the group we know and love- Monse (Sierra Capri), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Ruby (Jason Ganao), and Jamal (Brett Gray) – as they continue to deal with trauma, gang violence, and high school.

The start of another wild adventure for the OMB group. Credit to Netflix

Season 3 picks up from the cliffhanger of Season 2 and we see the group blindfolded after being kidnapped by the leader of the Santos, Chuchillos. After finding out that the group was able to find the RollerWorld money back in Season 1, she then offers them the choice to help her find her former lover and accomplice in hiding the money, Lil Ricky (who was claimed to be dead), or to be killed.  This forces the group to work together one last time in fear of getting themselves or their loved ones harmed by Chuchillos. This serves as the last push as tensions are high from previous seasons. 

We also see the growth from each character this season as they continue to deal with their own conflicts. Jamal and Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) offer more comedic relief this season, which is very much needed, while characters like Monse deal with internal conflicts as she faces the decision to stay in Freeridge or attend a fancy boarding school. Ruby deals with similar issues as last season, where he deals with more emotionally complex challenges and trauma. While Cesar is torn between family, his love for Monse, and his fate of becoming a leader in the Santos. Through it all, the gang continues to make it through the daily hazards and life or death situations. 

As they struggle to find the whereabouts of Lil Ricky, things only get more dangerous as another gang surfaces, trying to take territories from the Santos. This plays a key part towards the ending as Cesar’s older brother, Oscar, otherwise known as “Spooky” (Julio Macias), yet again helps save the day. 

This season, at only eight episodes rather than the usual ten, things feel a little rushed and certain plots unnecessary, leaving some fans disappointed. The ending also continues to give another classic On My Block shocker in the final few minutes. Although it does offer a level of resolution towards all the problems presented throughout the season, not all endings left fans happy. Some may be pleased with the more bittersweet, realistic finale but others are itching for the show to be renewed for a season four.  

Overall Rating: 8/10

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