New Song Releases to Start off June

Discover new songs that were released in the past month, the meaning behind them and their influences on society. These are four tracks from artists like Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Conan Gray and BTS to start off the month.

Album Covers from Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Conan Gray, and BTS

Billie Eilish – Your Power 

Billie Eilish opens up about the abuse she faced in her past relationship with an older person when she was underaged. 

“I thought that I was special. You made me feel like it was my fault, you were the devil,” are some of the lyrics Billie sings in the song. 

This references the manipulation she was a victim to, and it is later discussed how this affected the way she perceived herself which many of her fans sympathized with.

“A lot of artists implement personal messages into their music, like Billie, which their listeners can relate to and understand. Music like this song can help promote positive change,” Hana Nabibaksh, who plans to major in arts and entertainment, said.

Olivia Rodrigo – Good 4 U  

Olivia Rodrigo’s rise in popularity after her song “Driver’s License” left fans anticipating her return which she delivered on May 21st with the release of Sour, her first full-length album. Her new single “Good 4 U” came out on May 14th and is one of the 11 tracks featured on Sour

“Rodrigo sarcastically says ‘good for you’ since the person she is referring to moved on so quickly,” Tasnim Liton, who actively keeps up with new music releases and trends said. “Music is an influential factor that contributes to social change because it triggers emotions if the audience relates to the lyrics, which many of her fans likely reasoned with.” 

Conan Gray – Astronomy

Conan Gray’s new song can be understood as the tragedy of heartbreak and people going their own separate ways. 

“Stop tryna keep us alive, you’re pointing at the stars in the sky that already died. Stop tryna keep us alive, you can’t force the stars to align,” Conan sings in “Astronomy.”

Conan uses space, specifically the planets and stars, as a way to symbolize the feeling of what losing someone is like. 

“You found someone who shares a similar story like yours and you both grew comfortable with each other but over time drifted apart.” Amy Michaca, a fan of Conan Gray said. “However, the song also explains how this separation allowed both people to evolve into someone big and better than before.”

BTS – Film Out

BTS’ new song “Film Out” will be on their upcoming Japanese Album “BTS, the Best”, set to be out on June 16th. This release marked the return of the boys who later announced their new song “Butter,” which was released on May 21st. 

The song can be interpreted as losing someone and not being able to accept the reality, which aligns with their storyline dating back to 2015. “From all the memories stored in my heart, I gather up the ones of you, link them together, gazing at them projected across the room, I feel you with every burst of pain,” are some of the lyrics from “Film Out.”

The artists mentioned have shown how much of an impact music has towards entertaining and educating others which makes these artists a great way to begin the new month.

“If artists didn’t use their platform to shed light on these influential topics, there would not be much coverage in mainstream media,” Amy Michaca said. “These artists do an amazing job by using their music to push for change and initiate movements.”

Anilei Rakhar

Hello, my name is Anilei Rakhar. Alongside my participation as a current senior writer for Edison’s journalism class, I enjoy the arts and exploring different ideologies.