“My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising”, also known as, “Boku no Hīrō Akademia: Hīrōzu: Raijing”, is the second movie based on the manga and series My Hero Academia. The movie was released on February 26, 2020. The movie takes place in where Deku, the main character and the rest of the heroes of class 1-A must save islanders from powerful villains. This movie is rated PG-13 and has a runtime of 104 minutes. 

Class 1-A visits Nabu Island where they are left alone from the academy to do real hero work on their own. Upon first arriving on the island, it seems to be very peaceful where there is no hero work to be done. Moments later, Nine and few other villains come onto the island to obtain quirks of those on the island. Specifically, Nine wants to steal Mahoro’s quirk. Nine has a similar quirk to that of All for One’s where he is able to steal other’s quirks. The villians that landed on the island knocked out all communication towers and began to wreak havoc on the island. Class 1-A makes it their responsibility to restore peace and attempt to defeat these villains. 

After learning that there are three villains in total, Class 1-A makes a strategic plan to split the villains up, away from Nine, in an effort to take them down easier. The heroes force Slice underground to face Tokoyami and Ashido, force Chimera into the forest to face Todoroki, Tsuyu. Lida and Kirishima are left to protect Mahoro and Katsuma from Nine. Leaving Deku and Bakugo to team up in order to take down Nine. Whilst this plan is in action, Class 1-A contact the heroes on the mainland to come and take down the villains. 

Amidst Bakugo having an issue with teaming up with Deku they come together to take down Nine but not after putting up a long and strenuous fight. During this long and very intense fight, Deku goes to extreme measures in order to defeat Nine. He takes risks All Might warned he should never take. However, to find that out you must watch the movie and enjoy it on your own.

Throughout the movie, as well as in the series, we are able to see how Deku is becoming a stronger hero and is starting to make the right decisions when it comes to being a hero. Even though his quirk may take strain on his body, he has all the right ideas in terms of using them. Additionally, we are able to see Bakugo outgrow some of his immaturity. He teams up with Deku regardless of the grudge he may have against him. He is learning to put things aside in order to be a successful hero, which was different from the past.

Overall, on the island Class 1-A is able to grow as heroes and become stronger individuals seeing as they are independent from the heroes on the mainland. This movie occurs during season 4 of the series consisting of 25 episodes, which has ended April, 4 2020. It is unclear when season 5 of this series will be continued, or whether or not there will be another movie to accompany this manga. 

Karina Budhu

Yoooo, what’s good? It’s ya girl Karina. My parents are from Trinidad and I am currently a junior at Thomas A. Edison High School. I am also a member of Mouse Squad and a representative of the National Technical Honor Society. On my free time, I manage the boys volleyball team. My birthday is on September 30th and I come from a family of 5 including myself, with two younger sisters.