MoMa’s Awakening

A New MoMA

The somewhat recent opening of the MoMA Museum has stirred up a lot of attention- new exhibits, new attractions, and new performances. A popular attraction in Manhattan to the locals and tourists from around the world, the art museum closed for renovation on June 15th, to complete the large budgeted expansion. As it opened up again for visitors on October 21st, many people are asking -What’s new? Are the changes even worth checking out? 

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What’s New?

The new MoMa boasts an addition of 47,000 square feet of gallery space. The total floor area being 708,000 square feet, you can expect new performance areas, new flagship stores, and a new experimental space called “The Paula and James Crown Creativity Lab.” This new space will be used to explore ideas, questions, and art mediums, that arise from the interesting, puzzling exhibits. 

Not into Art? No Problem!

While the New MoMA showcases spectacular art and paintings for artists and art enthusiasts to enjoy, the MoMA seems to have something for everyone. Kids and parents can attend this museum to explore art concepts, as well as find inspiration and join live conversations to boost their artistic skills. Workshops will also be featured on many occasions for adults and children to attend and learn.

Teens and adults can attend the museum to expect a beautiful art store and gift shop with interesting memorabilia from the museum. And, of course, the art is a marvel of its own. Beautiful paintings, sculptures and abstract art collections filling rooms, you’ll never get tired of exploring the MoMA. And with new pieces coming in and switching with previous ones, the art adventure never ends.

Gurjit Singh, a senior at Thomas A. Edison High School, was not very into art. But, convinced by his friends, he decided to go check it out for the first time. He told me, “It was really interesting, being able to see  the different ways artists express their art, I expected to just see paintings.” There is really something for anyone, and I definitely recommend checking out this museum. 

Abdullah Mansoor

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