Marvel Movies: Cinema or Theme Parks?


There is an ongoing debate between several filmmakers and the Internet on whether Marvel movies should be considered cinema. This is a controversial issue that many film junkies take to heart. Top directors such as Martin Scorsese has denounced the superhero action films. There is a wide community of Marvel fans in Edison that all have differing stances on the situation.


Renowned director and filmmaker Martin Scorsese made a statement claiming that the Marvel films resemble that of “theme parks.” In a New York Times article recently published he explains that the franchise has ruined film as an art form. Scorsese feels that in Hollywood production companies no longer have the pressure of creating top notch movies. Big industries pump out movies every year with less regard to the craft. Many of these companies would rather make money through streaming services, such as the newly launched Disney Plus service.

“That’s the nature of modern film franchises: market-researched, audience tested, vetted, modified, re-vetted, and re-modified until they’re ready for consumption,” said Scorsese.

Rayshawn Archer, an avid Marvel movie watcher, praised Marvel Studios for their “amazing cinematography” and “fantastic characters.” Having watched all of the Avengers Infinity Saga movies, Archer expresses that their place in cinema is vital. He explained that “any movie that makes you feel a certain way or takes you to another world” should be considered cinema. Archer finds that the main misconception with these movies is that “because they use a lot of special effects and CGI, they are not considered true cinema in the eyes of someone who started with just a camera and some lighting.” 

The question of whether comics should have been adapted into movies in the first place comes into play. Scorsese claims the story-lines and characters are regurgitated throughout each movie. The Avengers Infinity Saga lasted 11 years, spanning 23 movies pulling references from the original comics. Passionate comic readers argue that what’s portrayed on screen is not entirely true to the comics.

Zubaida Kadir, a devoted comic reader, explained that “the movies are more engaging when the writers throw in a twist that isn’t included in the original comics.” Kadir has read the origin stories of the Avengers and has been following the Infinity Saga movies. “The visuals that Marvel Studios has created has added depth to the characters. Bringing the story to life from the page to the screen is what allowed me to better connect with the story and the characters.” 

Film is subjective, but the way we interpret them still plays an important role in society. Every filmmaker and fan has specific genres and styles that they resonate with. No one person tells a story the same way. 

Sangeeta Lall

Hi! My name is Sangeeta but some people refer to me as San. I am passionate about creating art that expands upon my perception of life. I often refer to myself as a coffee enthusiast. As someone who makes too many movie references, I hope to become a filmmaker in the future.