“Justice League Dark: Apokolips War” Review

The newly anticipated DC animated movie “Justice League Dark: Apokolips War” and it’s nothing fans were expecting. 

The film includes all major heroes from previous movies of this New 52 era which include the Justice League, Teen Titans, Suicid Squad, and the Justice League Dark. However we follow story arcs around John Constantine, Damian Wayne/Raven, and Superman who touch base with other characters for a short amount of time. This was done exceptionally well for the time restraint for building up to the cliffhanger that is yet to be explained by DC studios and creators. 

With the high ratings by fans and the several references to the comics within the movie, it is a treat for all DC fans. For viewers not familiar with comics, it is still enjoyable to watch because it isn’t necessary to watch previous films if this is the first you are watching. However, this movie is the ending to all the story arcs for these characters. This may include ending this animation style which has become an iconic look for them but opens up the door for something new for the animators and fans.

 Overall the movie did well in its purpose of giving an ending for our favorite DC heroes. If fans have enjoyed the experience from watching “Avengers: Endgame”, they will love this. 

Jermaine Teekaran

My name is Jermaine Teekaran and along with being a writer for the journalism class, I am active member of National Technical Honor Society and MOUSE Squad focusing in on computer science and hardware.