Jennette McCurdy’s New Podcast: Empty Inside Available Now

Actors are not embodiments of their roles on screen. Unlike those unrealistic expectations, actors are humane just like us. They feel, hurt, and love just like us. Fame doesn’t take that away from everyone. Advocation from actors offers us an insight into what they feel. For instance music, streaming, podcasts allow us to interact and support these actors individually. Podcasts especially show the raw side of these dressed-up actors.

Discussions that might seem controversial, sensitive topics like mental health and sexuality being in the spotlight, this is very new for some individuals to take in. A great way to retain and learn further information is by listening to podcasts. A very specific podcast shining in the light right now is Jennette McCurdy’s podcast Empty Inside.

As the younger generations grow up, so do the childhood actors we used to watch. The iconic scenes on television and the heartwarming scripts aren’t what’s happening behind the scenes for these actors. It’s not easy being a child actor. That’s what Jennette would say. In her new podcast that she launched around the beginning of the pandemic, Jennette gives attention to the topics that need more light. 

Discussions with other childhood actors, content creators, and other influencers shed light on the real-world problems for these individuals. Jennette talks deeply about what it was like being an actor on Nickelodeon’s show ICarly. Jennette herself didn’t come from a background of riches, so her mom pushed her into being an actor. Her mom wasn’t the friendliest and can be called “abusive,” Jennette also suffered from a horrible eating disorder. Her character in Icarly, Sam Puckett is known for eating tons of food and always being hungry. As McCcurdy took the role, she had to play the part of stuffing endless amounts of food to fit into the character. This severely affected McCurdy’s mental health. 

McCurdy didn’t argue against her mother when it came to being an actor. She obliged and spent the next decade acting and helping her mother out. In those years she’s dealt with insane mental battles, and lots of unfair decisions imploded on her. “Empty Inside” is a podcast for her to vocally talk about her experiences and share with her fans the truth. 

Guest speakers like Karan Brar, James Robertson, who are simply actors/creators to speakers like Lea Waters who is a psychologist and writer. In the podcast that had Lea Waters speaking, they discussed toxic mothers and childhood experiences. Toxic households are not uncommon and not many are talking about this. The podcasts allow us to understand and see from another perspective.

 You might be able to relate, add on, or even disagree to form a better understanding. Jennette’s motive for her podcasts was to shed light on things that can go unnoticed. Addressing the uncommon is highly controversial and may deem inappropriate to some, but this podcast represents the rawest and realistic approach to these topics that our generation can relate to. 

Topics like Eds, mental health, self-care, toxic households, and even just feeling alone can be topics nobody wants to partake in.

Podcasts are a reliable source of information, serving countless categories of topics. They can help listeners learn about self-care or taking care of your wellbeing with tips on how to work out and shape your body. Podcasts are made up of stories from people’s experiences and can help you with things that you may have never gone through in your life. 

Once again, there are endless categories of podcasts, with one search you could find the appropriate podcast to listen to such as how to handle anxiety and how to make an enjoyable living. That’s not all for podcasts however, there are many educational podcasts, but there are also podcasts that narrate stories that you could enjoy. There are many possibilities to what a podcast could offer, you would just have to listen to find that out. 

Empty Inside is currently streaming on every streaming platform right now. Jennette McCurdy has spent and devoted her personal time into this podcast to allow us, her fans, her supporters, and mainly for herself to grow a deeper understanding of her mental health. Podcasts are a great way to reflect upon yourself, talk to an audience that may or may not be there, it benefits both the audience and the person talking. Listeners that need to relate to another person at an emotional level should listen to Empty Inside with Jennette McCurdy for a general understanding and insight on handling certain personal problems.