Insightful Quarantine Watches

Now  that we’re all sitting at how we can all admit  that we have a lot more free time on our hands. What  we do with that time is super important in influencing our minds and thoughts. It’s important to keep up with what’s going on in the outside world but not just that.

We can also look at more things that aren’t so surface level. Educating ourselves is key and in this day and age ignorance is not at all respected. In fact being ignorant is part of what they call “cancelled” culture. We have so many resources at our fingertips that how can we not be informed. There’s more to this world than what’s just around us.

I have been watching a few things, whether it be on Netflix or Youtube, that have  shown me a different universe. Some of the topics spoken about in these videos/shows I do not necessarily agree with, but they made me realize that there are so many people and opinions in the world; the world  does not revolve around us; some are even just for fun.

Some things that I have been watching that have been informative, but also a bit controversial are as follows: (These are not listed in any order of preference or importance)

  1. “Never Have I Ever” (Netflix)- This show is about a South Asian girl. Although Indian women have debuted in American shows that are model like, but this Indian looks a little more like us. Although this show is meant to be satirical and not that realistic or meant to be taken seriously, there are a few things we can learn from it, such as the Indian culture,  religion, the type of people we deal with, and even the things that run through our minds are the same as a brown girl. Brown people have very low representation in Hollywood and the media so this is a pretty big win for us and it even is kind or informative about certain things. Midy Kaling killed it!
  2. “Out of The Shadows” (Video/Channel on Youtube)– This is a single video on Youtube that exposes a lot of the things that go on in our media and their secrets.Definitely an eye opener. It did such a good job that even though it is popular, when searching the title it doesn’t show up you’d have to use a link. Also the views are a couple hundred million but they kept lowering the number of views so it doesn’t become popular and people don’t get to see it. Could it be because it’s all true. I think so!  It’s definitely  a must see.
  3. Girl Defined (Channel on Youtube)- This is a Youtube Channel by two Chrisitian girls that go hard on their bible. They may have even made up a couple of their own verses along the way. This channel has been very controversial. They talk about their relationships and what they do as “Christians” including what they’ve done before and after marriage and their thoughts. We all have our own beliefs but these two might be a couple of crackheads.
  4. Video by Anonymous- Could anonymous be making a return? After the video of Gorge  Floyd being MURDERED by a police officer(not listed because sure we have all seen unless you live under a rock)  a video was released by anonymous wearing a vendetta mask similar to the one that is worn  in the movie “Purge.” Could that be a coincidence? I’m not sure but if this all continues I think we’ll find out.
  5. Fuller House- Now this show is just for fun.  We all know the original show Full House.  I’m pretty sure this family show stole all of our hearts. Well they are back again with a spin off called “Fuller House.” This show has a majority of the old cast, some casts, and even some popular faces. Although spinoffs are never as good as the original this one comes close. With the same feel good lines and references to the original this spinoff definitely brings back memories.

If or when you have  the time please give some of these a watch.  It WILL be worth  it!

Brianna Persaud

My name is Brianna Persaud. My favorite subject in school is math, but creative writing is something I like to do for fun. Creative writing is an excellent and easy way to express your thought and share a message.