Getting Wrapped with Rappers

The death of several young rap artists has left a lasting impact on local students.

Being stressed from school work and many other problems students tend to lean to music to cope with their feelings. Students have found themselves listening to these rappers when they need it the most.  The young rappers that the youth once idolized have left an impact that goes beyond their music.

Students at Thomas Edison were shocked by the death of rapper Xxxtentacion,who was  just 20 years old when he was shot and killed in an apparent robbery on June 18, 2018. His music explored themes of depression, loneliness, abandonment, and suicide. Many of his tracks climbed the charts in the UK and US after he was shot and thousands of fans went to his memorial service after his death.  “X was an inspiration to me for many reasons, but one reason that pulled me towards him was his compassion and love to help those in need,” stated Arayana Klewan. 

Rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was 33 years old, was shot and killed outside his store, Marathon Clothing, in South Los Angeles on March 31, 2019. “Being a fan of Nipsey made me more mature and he honestly helped me feel that there was someone there to listen,” said Sami Dewan. Some students grieve the loss of Nipsey Hussle silently, some are more vocal. Dewan stated, “I found myself bunkered down in my room and streaming his music until I felt relieved and more stable.”

Chicago rapper Juice WRLD who passed away December 8th 2019, after having a seizure at an airport. Students expressed their feeling of being devastated the next morning after the Chicago rapper’s death was confirmed. “I remember waking up and seeing TMZ posting the death of Juice and it left me shocked that I had lost someone who I admired so much,” said Namra Jamil.  Even after his death many of his young followers continued to spread his message of love and piece by streaming his music. 

These deaths were a shock and took an emotional toll on students at Edison. Even though they are not here physically here, their work still inspires kids to stay motivated and enjoy life. The thing that brings all these young individuals together is the inspiration and motivation they provide to students through their music. Each of them have included uplifting messages in their work that students can relate to. Today, their work has become a living model of them and will live forever as a memory of their time.

Jagroop Singh

My name is Jagroop Singh. In my free time, I like to explore new areas and learn about the human mind. In the future I aspire to be a part-time neurosurgeon and part-time motivational speaker.