Fenty: Beauty for All

The 2017 launch of Fenty Beauty by singer, Rihanna is one of America’s most popular hit cosmetic brands at the moment. 

All around the world, Fenty products are being sold. Ranging from face makeup, to eye makeup, to lip products. Let’s start with her foundation. This was the very first product of her line that caught makeup lovers’ attention. Fenty foundation comes in a variety of 50 shades, making it easy for her customers to purchase the perfect shade. Some of the bigger makeup brands don’t even offer a shade range as wide as Fenty does. 

Credit: pngimage.net

Credit: pngimage.net

Rihanna has expanded her face makeup to reach every customer’s skin type, which includes foundation, concealer and/or contour. Whether you have oily or dry skin, Rihanna has made the right one for you. There is the ‘Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation’, for the people that lean towards more of a dry skin type, to the ‘Pro Filt’r Matte Longwear Foundation for those that have oily skin, for just $34.

Of course, you can’t forget the application brushes/sponges. Fenty Beauty has tools for almost every step of creating a full face of makeup. This includes face and body brushes, eye shadow blending brushes, blush brushes, bronzer brushes, and highlight brushes. These range from as little as $24 to as high as $34. As an honest reviewer, the brushes aren’t worth the price. You will receive a perfect finished look using a more affordable collection of brushes.

Another big hit when released was her ‘Moroccan Spice Eye shadow Palettes’. Retailing originally at $59, but is currently on sale for $29. The entire ‘Moroccan Spice Collection’ just gave a galaxy feel, which the customers and myself loved. 

Rihanna has been putting in work for her customers by constantly adding new products to her line. Recently, she released 3 new shades of her infamous ‘Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer’, those of which have gone immediately out of stock. You might say $19 is a bit of a stretch for just a lip gloss. However, her lip gloss gives you the perfect amount of shimmer and shine, while still making your lips moisturized with no stickiness. Another new release is her ‘Full Frontal Mascara’. There is a thick applicator for volume and a thin applicator for length, giving you a two-in-one feel, for the price of $25.

Meagan Williams

Hello! My name is Meagan Williams. I am Puerto Rican and Jamaican and out of a four-sibling family, I am the only girl. During my free time, I enjoy writing freely and doing my makeup for fun.