Exposure to Broadway

Many students get their first opportunity to view Broadway shows and musicals from school programs or teachers. Programs, such as Drama Club, or even your English teacher, can provide you with opportunities to see these performances. They offer you these tickets at a considerably low cost compared to what they are at the ticket box.

Anamica Rahaman said “I think it’s important for school to provide these opportunities because it gives them insight of a future career paths.”

These Broadway experiences provided by the school give students valuable insight on an aspect of the entertainment industry, it can also be a rewarding time for the students.

As Anjali Seegobin said “I think it’s important for student to experience this opportunity because it’ll remind them that school isn’t just essays and tests, you’re allowed to relax.”

Not only is it a valuable experience, but considering the cost of tickets at the box office, incredibly affordable. Tickets, ranging anywhere from $60 to $300, can be quite costly for the middle class family. Organizations such as Broadway Classroom offers these tickets to clubs and teachers at a much cheaper price.

Its cost effectiveness allows for students to get a look at a part of business, or art that isn’t easy to obtain. These experiences can create new ideas for career opportunities that students might want to pursue in the future.

Eashan Nirhoe

I write for the arts and entertainment section of the Edison Light. The arts have always held a special place in my life, It has influenced who I have become as a person. Going to museums is not only something that I enjoy, but it is an adventure for me. Aside from arts a form of entertainment that I favor the most is movies because a lot like books it takes me to a new world.