Encanto Astrología

Disney’s “Encanto” features a diverse cast full of different miracles and powers. There is someone for everyone. In this article, I’ll explore our favorite characters to further what their zodiac sign can reveal about them.

Evidence in the film pinpoints the movies being somewhere after the Thousand Year War. Until recently, there were no birthdays for the average viewer to spot. That is, until one of the directors of Encanto, Jared Bush, stepped in. Through a series of helpful tweets revealing character birthdays, I can build a basic astrological profile.

I’ll begin with the leading lady, Mirabel, who was born on March 6th. That makes her a Pisces. A water sign like her is creative, imaginative, and sensitive. Seen through the film, Mirabel is right by Antonio’s side when he shows apprehension for opening his door. She reveals in her ballad, Waiting on A Miracle, that she does hurt over her lack of powers, but tries to hide it. She’s always looking out for her sisters, helping Isabella and Luisa recognize their true selves. All of those traits combined to make her a perfect Pisces. 

Isabela is Mirabel’s younger sister, born on August 7th. Western Zodiac pinpoints her to be a Leo. Isabela’s birthday, according to Bush, is in reference to the Battle of Boyacá. August is also the Festival of Flowers, which fits her character. Leos’s trademark is to be fierce and loyal. Isabela struggles with her engagement to Mariano, stating it was something she was doing for the family alone. Leos are also known to be the center of attention, something Isabela captures with her flower powers. Her sharp tongue shines through her remarks towards Mirabel in the film. Isabela’s star sign can also explain why she and Mirabel do not tend to get along at first. Water and fire signs generally do not combine well. They are exact opposites in the astrological chart. But, the right amount of communication can help them see eye to eye. Despite everything, Isabela stands by Mirabel to the end. 

Turning eyes to another fan favorite, Camilo was born on December 28th. December 28th can reference Holy Innocents Day, also known as April Fool’s Day. Capricorns are a sign of the Earth. They tend to be ambitious, materialistic, and strong. I can see a bit of Camilo’s ambition when he fakes being Delores to sneak himself more food. Yet, he defies the serious, mature Capricorn stereotype when joking around. He does have his mature moments, often helping his mother Pepa through her own emotions. Camilo can also be the most real of the Madrigals. After Casita breaks down, he quips that they no longer have a house, despite grumbles from the family. 

Pepa, Julieta, and Bruno, the triplets and children to Alma Madrigal share a birthday, October 17th. Despite all being Libras, it does not manifest itself in the film the same ways. I would argue this shows the diversity of the sign. Firstborn Julieta seems to fit the most with Libra’s assigned traits. Sincere, agreeable, and good peacemakers, the Libra in Julieta wants to feel balance in her social life. So, her injury-healing food demonstrates her commitment to stability. 

The middle child, Pepa can control the weather through her emotions. She is a very openly emotional character with volatile mood swings. Unlike Julieta, Pepa has difficulty keeping things balanced. On the flip side, she embodies the expression and romanticism Librans carry. It is especially true when she is interacting with her husband Félix. 

The elusive Bruno does not get a lot of screentime, but when we do see him, he is a shy, lovable nervous wreck. Librans are remarkable for their tolerance. Despite his shunning from the family for ten years, he is happy to reunite with them and harbors no dissent. Bruno is very much a peacemaker as well. He chooses to keep himself in isolation rather than upset the family with his prophecies. Librans can also be sullen and prone to escapism. This is best demonstrated by Bruno’s different personas in the film. 

Last but not least, young Antonio’s birthday falls on May 21st. That makes him a Gemini. Antonio can be nervous and shy as shown by his fear to open his door during his birthday celebration. But, we can see a lot of his Gemini traits through the way he uses his powers. His open-minded and kind heart allows him to communicate with animals. 

Astrology is never verbatim. Perhaps you are a Leo and see yourself in Mirabel. Maybe Pisceans can relate to Isabela’s longing in “What Else Can I Do”. Or you’re like me and losing your marbles over the fact that comedy star Camilo could be a Capricorn. Regardless, people rarely tend to fully match their sun sign. These interpretations can be wrong! What else can I say, other than it’s fantastical and magical?

Rizwana Ishaq

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