A philanthropist is an individual who seeks to promote the well-being of others, in particular by donating generously money for good reasons. An example of a philanthropist would be Ellen Degeneres. Ellen encourages those who face difficult times and who feel that they must be remembered for their good deeds and hard work for their society. Ellen embraces them. In 2012, she collaborated with Shutterfly in order to make charitable, lifetime gifts to the neediest. It launched a mission to help and have as much effect as possible through ‘ joy, love and kindness.

Credit: Andy Rose

Credit: Andy Rose

Mahim Rahman: I feel Ellen is a great human being and everything that she’s doing right now is so spontaneous. I watch her show whenever I feel down and I love her show to just get a laugh out of it. I think Ellen has a big impact on today’s generation. She is someone who is so helpful, kind, funny and supportive. I also feel like most LGBTQ people had the courage to come out of the closet because of her. My favorite act of kindness by her would be the fact that she gives so much to the unfortunate people. She is helping to make a change in this world. I look up to her as a role model. I think everyone else should too because she’s literally the most kind and funny person ever.

Nicole Kirof: I think she’s an inspirational figure who creates history in the entertainment industry by being one of the first lesbian females to lead a talk show who care from humble beginnings. I watch it pretty often. I don’t really watch cable but I watch her through Ellen tube. She’s definitely a liberal individual whose message is that progressive change is always possible. My favorite would be when she shined light to a woman who started a group for female empowerment and gave them ten-thousand dollars. This group wasn’t very popular but supporting this group was very kind recognizing females encouraging other females. Ellen created change in her career and has impacted millions of lives Worldwide by connecting them through her show.

Asa Rahman

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