Dining at the Best Tea House

Are you having trouble deciding a place to eat with your friends or family in NYC? No need to search through the web in finding a hot-trendy spot when there’s Prince Tea House. No, you will most likely not find a prince but it is a beautiful setting that will make you feel like a princess instead as the waiters serve tasteful-looking hot milk tea to you. This restaurant serves a variety of food such as savory food, desserts, and is famously known for its milk tea. 

The menu provides appetizers such as Twister fries, Sweet potato fries, Santa Fe chicken roll there are alternatives for people who do not wish to eat meat and instead can order fried quid tails, fried shrimp lollipops, etc. They also provide salads such as smoked salmon salad, and avocado salad which seems to be more popular. There is a variety of sandwiches they serve such as katsu chicken sandwich, turkey club sandwich, and sandwiches that contain beef, crab meat, and salmon. 

Additionally, Prince Tea House is famously known for its deserts. It is tasteful and enjoyable as it is presented in an aesthetically pleasing-looking way. They have different flavor crepes such as matcha green tea, mango, and others as well as fruit toast which comes in many different options to choose from fruits, ice cream, and can customize to your liking. The waffles are rich-tasting as it comes in fruits and ice cream with maple syrup, condensed milk, and whip cream. These deserts are not only for younger ones, it is meant for a large age group so even adults will highly enjoy these types of deserts. 

Last but not least, a good cup of tea at Prince Tea House may be all you need to end your stay. It is served into a pretty well-decorated teapot and kept warm until you are done with the use of a candle which helps maintain the heat. They serve aesthetic teacups that match with the teapot and make you feel special from drinking out of. The types of milk tea flavors are rose lover milk tea, lavender green milk tea, earl grey milk tea, etc. there is a large variety of tea to choose from even if you would prefer non-milk such as hot green, black, white, oolong, and healthy tea. They also serve classic ice milk tea with unique flavors and can request boba with it as well or can choose from other drinks such as fresh mango yogurt smoothie, “summer passion” or may choose a classic coffee or latte. 

Overall, Prince Tea House is located in many places in NYC and is affordable pricing so teenagers and adults will be able to enjoy a variety of dishes and desserts. Families and your significant other will be able to enjoy this aesthetic-looking restaurant which may be used to capture photos with your loved ones and post them on social media. So the next time you need a place to dine in, it is preferred to head towards Prince Tea House if you haven’t yet so by now.  

Muhsha Taz

My name is Muhsha Taz, most people know me as outgoing and down-to-earth. I am a senior and my shop’s CTE class is automotive technology. The reason for writing this section is because of the passion I share for being a food lover. I try to go out to places in NYC to try hot trendy food and mainly halal food. My hobby is to go out and try new things whether it is an activity such as ice skating or bowling, or going out to eat with my friends and determining if it is a worthy spot to dine in.