Create Your Own Personalized Christmas!

Christmas is the time of year where many people become creative and think of new and everlasting ways to celebrate the holidays. Putting up fairy lights, assembling the reindeer and everyone’s favorite, decorating the Christmas tree. Hanging the same old ornaments that you use every year can become boring but embellishing the tree with your own handmade ornaments would be fun, wouldn’t it? Creating your own ornaments can be fun and definitely put you in the Christmas spirit. To make your own ornament, you’ll need some supplies from the arts and crafts store, Michaels and some household items such as:

  • Plastic Ornaments: they come in three different sizes, so you can pick which one is to your liking.        
  • A single ornament is $0.59 but a 12 pack is $3.99 or a 25 pack for $7.99.
  • Artists Loft Fundamental Natural Camel Hair Brushes: $4.99
  • Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Value Pack: $7.99
  • A bowl or cup of water
  • Newspaper
  • Foil

When painting, wear clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty because acrylic paint stains and it’ll most likely not come out. Also, make sure the area that you will be painting in is covered with newspaper to keep it clean. Foil can be used for mixing the different colors of paint, which is optional. Dealing with the acrylic paint is fairly easy if you’ve used it before but if you haven’t some advice I would give is never use too much water or paint on the ornament or it’ll dry unevenly. Also, always let the paint dry fully before painting over it to avoid smudging. In order to dry the ornament, hang it from a higher location where it won’t be bothered. Making your designs is completely up to you. You can create a theme or even try to recreate ornaments that you already have. There are no limits to your creativity. But before you begin to paint, sketch out ideas you may have to make the process go smoothly. Bethzaida Roldan said, “My favorite part about creating my own ornament was the painting in general and being able to create my own designs that’ll decorate the tree.”

A before and after of the designs you can make with this ornament. Photo Credit: Bethzaida Roldan

A before and after of the designs you can make with this ornament.
Photo Credit: Bethzaida Roldan